Overview AiRAY Uncovered From epic stadium shows to arena tours, rock and roll clubs to intimate theatre settings, mega-churches to large corporate events, AiRAY will deliver, and some. CODA’s flagship is a three-way, full range line array system, but with a seriously cool twist. AiRAY is different. It’s louder and prouder than any conventional large-format […]

AiRAY Series

LINUS Control

Overview The LINUS Control application provides a reliable and ruggedized method for the control and monitoring of the CODA LINUS amplification platform. It is optimised for both Mac OSX and Windows, for both tablet and native interfaces. Bundled in the application behind the scenes is the device Firmware, Speaker Files, Control Logic and a 3rd […]


Overview The latest innovation and addition to the family, delivering the same VCA DNA and compact portability. CiRAY has a wide range of applications, plus even more advanced patented technologies. The CiRAY unique package combines the high output of a large system with the flexibility of a compact system, creating a new category in sound […]

CiRAY Series


SPACE – The True Immersive Experience SPACE HUB is a 19”/3U state of the art immersive processor that lets you build stunning audio experiences in three dimensions. Incorporate up to 128 audio sources, rendered into 128 outputs, to create an evolving, immersive listening experience in any setting. SPACE HUB is an integral part of SPACE Immersive System […]

System Optimiser

Accurately simulate CODA Audio Loudspeakers in any 3D Scene with unmatched precision and speed. Register The System Optimiser is now available as a native macOS / Windows / Linux application for registered users. To register your interest and join the current version, please visit the link below:


Overview Aimed specifically at medium sized tours and fixed installation, ViRAY compact line array systems have been created to truly deliver the best possible audio quality, fulfilling the exacting needs of today’s global markets and surpass the expectations of both user and listener. ViRAY systems incorporate CODA’s most advanced technologies; including the DDP-driver (Dual Diaphragm […]

ViRAY Series

LiNET Master

Overview LiNET Master is the bridge between a mixing console and the CODA digital transport system. It serves as a perfect AES/EBU front-end ensuring ultimate compatibility and redundancy to the entire audio chain. High quality 44.1 – 192 kHz sample rate converters integrated seamlessly with a pristine word clock guarantee excellent audio transmission with perfect synchronisation […]


Overview N-RAY Uncovered N-RAY is an ultra compact, 3-way line array that brings the benefits of the AiRAY technology into a shallow, lightweight cabinet for theatres, performing arts centres, and corporate events. Incorporating the latest in driver and system design technology, this Next Generation product boasts twice the power handling of other systems, significantly increasing low […]

N-RAY Series

EASE Focus 3

Overview CODA Audio EASE Focus 3 is a three-dimensional, acoustic simulation software for the configuration and modeling of line array systems and of adjustable loudspeakers, such as digitally steered columns. EASE Focus 3 is free for the end user. In EASE Focus 3, each line array or column loudspeaker is described by a so-called system […]

LiNET Switch

Overview The LiNET Switch acts as an intelligent distribution amplifier within the CODA digital transport ecosystem. When used with the LiNET Master, fall-back functionality allows for seamless changeover in the event of upstream link failure. Both LiNET inputs are clock recovered and regenerated with minimal latency, allowing for massive rugged topologies to be easily established. […]


Overview TiRAY is CODA Audio’s pocket rocket line array: a remarkably small-footprint, super-light, two-way passive system which packs more of a punch than many competitors’ more sizeable equivalents. This is largely down to its two 5” ultra-low distortion cone speakers, and unique 5” neodymium planar wave driver, which gives it its power and versatility. Designed […]

TiRAY Series


Overview The ATEC is a device designed to combine ethernet control data with 2x AES/EBU streams (4x audio channels) together down one cable, up to a maximum of 100 m on shielded CAT5e cable. Inheriting advanced LiNET technologies such as the high quality  44.1 – 192 kHz sample rate converters and the pristine world clock, excellent audio quality […]

CoRAY Series


Overview TiLOW is the super-compact bass extension for the TiRAY line array, which increases long throw capability of the TiRAY system, and enhances its LF headroom. First and foremost, TiLOW isn’t a sub: it does, however, operate between 44 Hz and 300 Hz, which overlaps both the low end of TiRAY and CODA’s subwoofers, providing […]

APS Series


Overview This 2-way system may look slender, but there’s a lot going on inside: high power handling of 700 W is achievable thanks to its dual 4″ HF neodymium planar wave drivers and four 5″ ultra-low distortion cone speakers. Also, CoRAY4 is smart: you can easily eliminate any unwanted reflections in tricky spaces, and tailor […]


Overview CoRAY4L is a compact  low-mid frequency extension for CoRAY4/4i. This system convinces with high fidelity, scalability and excellent speech intelligibility. The CoRAY Series combines the CODA AUDIO innovative driver and system design technologies.  CoRAY4L contains four 5” ultra low-distortion cone speakers. The combination of CoRAY4L low frequency extension with the CoRAY4 provides significantly higher […]

LINUS CON – Discontinued

Overview The LINUS CON loudspeaker management system is designed to control all CODA Audio loudspeaker systems. The 19”/1U unit incorporates 4 balanced analogue inputs, 4 outputs (analogue and AES3) and can receive up to 8 digital signals via LINET.  The unit can be controlled directly from its front panel or using the Ethernet based LINUS […]

N-APS Series


Overview APS is CODA’s most flexible 3-way solution when it comes to medium size applications, and is a true hybrid of point source and line array. At the heart of APS is a string of CODA Audio’s uber-advanced technologies, the highlight perhaps being the unique DDC (Dual Diaphragm Curved-wave-driver) – similar to CODA’s DDP driver, […]

HOPS Series


Overview CODA Audio strives to provide complete solutions that allow for simple, setup, integration and operation of CODA Audio systems. The LINUS T-RACK is an important part of this effort. The T-RACK houses three LINUS14D amplifiers in an efficient road ready package. This factory-made standard includes switchable rear mounted power distribution, shock mounted infrastructure and […]


Overview The APS-SUB is an 18″ high output subwoofer that provides powerful and extended low frequency response with immense headroom. Low port compression and optimised enclosure design give a tight, accurate bass response that is ideally suited for dance clubs, mobile or installation applications. The integrated rigging system allows quick and easy flying or ground […]

CUE Series


Overview The LINUS M-RACK continues CODA Audio’s comprehensive system-based approach by providing a single LINUS14D DSP/amplifier with a CODA PAN-M connector panel in a compact 3U rack package. As the LINUS14D is capable of powering every loudspeaker in the CODA catalogue, the M-RACK makes every smaller portable CODA system as clean and flawless in terms […]

SC SUB Series


The SC2-F is NOT only a subwoofer, it is a sensor controlled bass extension system operating in the range 35 – 200 Hz which overlaps both the low range of AiRAY, CiRAY or ViRAY and the SCV-F/SCP subwoofers providing essential more energy and control in the lower range of the system. 
Incorporating dual 15″ drivers […]



Overview The N-APS is an ultra compact dual 6.5” / 2-way arrayable point source that combines the user-friendliness of a point source with the perfect arrayability of a line array, creating a unique category reinforcement system for small to medium size venues. With the latest in driver and system design technology, N-APS delivers twice the power […]


OVERVIEW The LINUS14/14D is a four channel DSP networkable amplifier and comparator delivering 4x 3500 W of clean power in a light weight 19”/2U package. The 4 audio inputs are selectable from analog, AES3, LiNET digital audio network or DANTE and are routable to any of the 4 outputs. LINUS14/14D ENGINE – the class D-IC […]


Overview The N-SUB is a compact 15” subwoofer, weighing in at 28 kg. With high power handling of 1500 W, a maximum SPL of 139 dB (peak), this is a sub with guts – it reaches as low as 30 Hz. Like CODA’s N-APS, N-SUB benefits from Dynamic Airflow Cooling (DAC) – a revolutionary technology which […]

LINUS DSP Amplifiers


Overview When it comes to subwoofers, CODA Audio has a sizeable offering of extremely smart boxes for a wide range of applications. What’s particularly smart about these subs is the fact they are sensor controlled, which means they’re way ahead of the field from the offset: these speakers are capable of delivering measurable and very […]



Overview When it comes to subwoofers, CODA Audio has a sizeable offering of extremely smart boxes for a wide range of applications. What’s particularly smart about these subs is the fact they are sensor controlled, which means they’re way ahead of the field from the offset: these speakers are capable of delivering measurable and very […]


Overview SCN-F Uncovered Targeted towards theatres, houses of worship, corporate events, sport venues, and live sound venues, the SCN-F is a 15″ sensor controlled low frequency extension system operating from 35-200 Hz, overlapping both the low range of N-RAY and the SCV/SCP subwoofers – providing more energy and control in the lower range of the […]

Special Applications



Overview The CODA Audio award winning sensor controlled technology is extended with the SCP-Series subwoofers. Combining a closed feedback-loop control with large, low noise laminar flow ports the SCP subwoofer offers increased output and well controlled response. This technology surpasses that of conventional subwoofers offering measurable and clearly audible advantages in the impulse response, group […]

HOPS12-Pro i

Overview The CODA Audio HOPS12-Pro i is an extremely high output three-way installation point source loudspeaker, featuring dual 12″ neodymium ultra low distortion cone low-frequency drivers and a 1.4″ coaxial neodymium mid/high driver in a compact enclosure. The loudspeaker is available with different dispersions, providing variable directivity to many installation applications – for instance, dance […]

HOPS12-Pro T

Overview The HOPS12-Pro T is a 3-way high output point source system, perfect for mobile use. Its characteristics mean the speaker stuns and impresses with superior sound reinforcement at short and medium distances for corporate, sport and political events, small festivals, bands, mobile DJs, side fill in large systems and many more. The full-range system […]


Overview The HOPS7-Pro is a compact high output point source loudspeaker with high power handling of 1000 W, featuring dual 6.5” neodymium ultra-low distortion cone drivers, low frequency drivers and a 1.75” VC annular diaphragm compression driver enhancing mid-high frequencies. The smallest of the HOPS-Pro Series, the HOPS7-Pro gives unrivalled power while retaining a compact […]


Overview Versatile dual 8” coaxial system, 450 W, 100° conical, CMS (CODA mobile suspension), flange adapter HOPS8 (High Output Point Source) is a super-powerful, passive 2-way system with immense output-to-size ratio, and 100°x100° coverage. If you’re looking to kit out a small to medium size venue where you’re in need of high fidelity sonics and […]


Overview HOPS5 (High Output Point Source) is a super-powerful, passive 2-way system with immense output-to-size ratio, and 100° x 100° coverage. If you’re looking to kit out a small to medium size venue where you’re in need of high fidelity sonics and plenty of kick, HOPS5 is the box for you. These speakers can be […]


Overview CODA’s G-Series boxes are made with versatility in mind: full range systems that incorporate top end drivers; as a result, they’re suitable for a wide range of applications. The G300 Series includes the G308-Pro and the G15-Sub, and as is always the case with CODA, it all starts with the drivers: it’s a compact, […]