Arrayable Point Source

A range of unique, specialised products

CODA’s most flexible solutions when it comes to medium size applications.  A true hybrid of point source and line array, using our patented technologies: DDC driver (Dual Diaphragm Curved-wave Driver) and RDC driver (Ring Diaphragm Curved-wave Driver).

Use APS or N-APS as a single loudspeaker, a stage fill, or create an entire main hang; and such is the level of its flexibility and scalability, users can achieve repeatable, superior results in small to medium size applications.  So anything from DJ and small bands to dance clubs, live venues, theatres, Houses of Worship, and even small stadiums.

Arrayable Point Source Systems

APS Series

High Output Arrayable Point Source

APS stands for Arrayable Point Source, and is very much a ‘one for all’ box. It’s CODA’s most flexible three-way solution when it comes to medium size applications, and is...

N-APS Series

Ultra-Compact Arrayable Point Source

One Loudspeaker – Many Solutions. The N-APS is an ultra-compact 2 x 6.5” / 2-way arrayable point source that combines the versatility of a point source with the perfect arrayability of...