LINUS DSP Amplifiers

Total Control of Your Art

More power, more control, more efficiency: CODA Audio’s LINUS DSP Amplifiers with Loudspeaker Management are designed to control all CODA Audio loudspeakers. They are perfectly at home in any role, in both touring and installed sound applications.

The platform provides intelligent processing, amplification and monitoring in demanding environments; from the smallest of corporate FOH applications, to the largest of stadium installations (and all those in between). Their powerful DSP includes factory presets utilising advanced proprietary DS-FIR and IIR filtering techniques, which obtain maximum performance from CODA Audio loudspeaker systems.

The digital audio distribution via LiNET transmits up to 8 digital audio signal over a shielded CAT5e cable, buffered and sent to the next unit via the LiNET link output for daisy chaining.The graphical user interface LINUS Control offers an innovative, flexible system design, tuning and monitoring.

CODA Audio’s LINUS14/14D and LINUS12C are exceptionally powerful 4 channel DSP processors and amplifiers occupying just 2U of rack space. The newest amplifier LINUS6.4 in a 1RU format is a perfect solution for majority of CODA Audio loudspeakers except N-RAY, ViRAY, CiRAY, AiRAY, and the Sensor Controlled subwoofers.



4 Channel DSP Amplifier with Loudspeaker Management

Integrated DSP, network, comparator and amplifier solution, 4x 3500 W @ 4 Ω, optional DANTE


4 Channel DSP Amplifier with Loudspeaker Management

Integrated DSP, network and amplifier solution, 4x 3000 W @ 4 Ω


4 Channel Installation DSP Amplifier with Loudspeaker Management

Integrated DSP, 6000 W @ 2Ω, 4 channel networkable installation amplifier