DDP, DDC & RDC Driver

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DDP, DDC & RDC Drivers redefine the performance expectations for high-powered reinforcement of mid and high frequencies.

Discarding the traditional dome diaphragm compression driver design, CODA Audio utilises a two-way coaxial system employing two concentric annular ring diaphragms. Each diaphragm covers a smaller frequency range for increased power handling, high dynamics and extremely low distortion.

DDP Dual Diaphragm Planar Wave Driver

CODA’s patented Dual Diaphragm coaxial Planar wave driver (Fig. 1) is at the heart of the high output AiRAY and CiRAY, compact ViRAY and ultra compact N-RAY line array systems. This driver technology provides several advantages:

Fidelity: Unlike dome diaphragms, annular ring diaphragms feature wings that are smaller than the wavelengths they reproduce. The diaphragms move in phase, creating far less audible and measurable intermodulation distortion than speakers equipped with traditional drivers, especially at high frequencies.

Frequency Range: The outer wings of planar ring diaphragms extend the radius of the diaphragm when compared to traditional compression drivers of equal voice coil size. This greater surface area allows for a lower crossover point and more consistent overall directivity.

Sensitivity: CODA DDP wave drivers are far more efficient than traditional compression wave drivers. They boast 3–5 dB higher sensitivity than the top quality conventional alternatives. The low-profile annular ring diaphragms have a double surround supporting a reduced moving mass resulting in a much stiffer and far more efficient transducer with no breakup modes.

Fig. 1. Dual Diaphragm coaxial Planar wave driver (DDP)


DDC Dual Diaphragm Curved Wave Driver

At the heart of the APS is a patented 9” Dual Diaphragm 20° Curved wave driver.

The larger annular midrange diaphragm covers the frequency range 400 - 6500 Hz with a smooth, linear response. The extended diaphragm excursion of max. +/- 0.8 mm results in high output and increased power handling up to 1300 W peak.The ultra light annular diaphragm for the high range offers exceptional transient response with very high efficiency from 6 to 22 kHz.

This distinctive new transducer was engineered to radiate a true coherent 20° curved wave front form a rectangular piston without internal diffraction for superior dispersion control and high fidelity sound.

The patented design is a result of extensive, dedicated research and development providing dramatic improvement in dynamic response, clarity and transparency.

Fig. 2. Dual Diaphragm coaxial Curved wave driver (DDC)


RDC Ring Diaphragm Curved Wave Driver

At the heart of N-APS is a string of patented technologies, the unique RDC (Ring Diaphragm Curved wave driver) – similar to CODA’s planar wave driver, but with a bit of a twist, in that the wavefront is curved at 20°. This ultimately means there is less distortion, and no reshaping is required, so it offers extraordinary sonic precision. 

As a result, when you put more N-APS together, they perform as one single cabinet, with no interference whatsoever. 

Fig. 3. Ring Diaphragm Curved wave driver (DDC)