TiRAY Series

Small. Powerful. Flexible.

TiRAY is CODA Audio’s pocket rocket line array: a remarkably small-footprint, super-light, 2-way passive system which packs more of a punch than many competitors’ more sizeable equivalents.

This is largely down to its two 5” ultra-low distortion cone speakers, and unique 5” neodymium planar wave driver, which gives it its power and versatility. Designed for touring and installations, these boxes are perfectly suited to music bars and clubs, theatres, ballrooms, and auditoriums, as well as sports centres and Houses of Worship.

TiRAY is the ultimate, easy-to-rig, plug and play system – and it’s very easily expandable. Up to 24 units can be flown or ground stacked, thanks to CODA’s smart integrated rigging system, and a built-in passive crossover means multiple units can be driven by a single channel of CODA’s proprietary LINUS 4-channel DSP amplifiers. Furthermore, the TiLOW bass extension works seamlessly with the main box, providing plenty of low-end reinforcement, which means extra flexibility for audio companies when working in larger venues.

TiRAY: Small. Powerful. Flexible.

TiRAY System Components


Small. Powerful. Flexible.

2-way full range line array, 300 W, 2x5" ultra low distortion cone drivers + 5" HF neodymium planar wave driver


Ultra Compact 12" Bass Extension for TiRAY

Ultra compact 12” bass extension, Extended frequency range 44 - 300 Hz (-6 dB)


Compact 4-Channel Touring Rack

One LINUS14D amplifier in a 3U case


LINUS Control

Next generation remote control

Graphical user interface for LINUS products, flexible system configuration, tuning and control, intuitive and straight forward system design

System Optimiser

State-of-the-art prediction software for CODA loudspeakers

System Optimiser v1.0 is now available!


Third party integration

Control LINUS Amplifiers within QSC's Q-SYS Environment

EASE Focus 3

3D modeling of direct sound

3D modeling of direct sound, displayed in horizontal and vertical cutting planes