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LINUS Q-SYS Plugin Photo
LINUS Q-SYS Plugin Photo

Control LINUS Amplifiers within QSC's Q-SYS Environment

  • LINUS Q-SYS Plugin is an extension designed for QSC’s Q-SYS Designer that allows users to remotely control CODA LINUS Loudspeaker Management Amplifiers.

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The LINUS Q-SYS Plugin for QSC’s Q-SYS DSP Network allows seamless integration of CODA Audio’s LINUS loudspeaker management amplifiers in a permanent installation demanding the highest of performance. Parameters & Snapshots can be adjusted with Q-SYS wall panels & other Q-SYS control components.  Standby functionality of amplifiers can be integrated into building management systems, to enhance a buildings green credentials.



  • QSC Q-SYS System and Q-SYS Designer v9.4.2
  • Q-SYS Designer project featuring the LINUS Q-SYS Plugin v2.3
  • CODA LINUS Loudspeaker Management Amplifier
  • Ethernet Network.


CODA LINUS Q-SYS v2.3Download 
LINUS Q-SYS Plugin Operation Manual v2.3Download 

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