Line Arrays

Perfect multipurpose systems for any rental or installation company

Audio quality, power, efficiency, size and weight are the key determinants of sound system choice. CODA Audio’s line arrays meet the combined requirements of these criteria ahead of any other manufacturer. With our patented DDP driver (Dual Diaphragm Planar wave driver) and SC (Sensor Controlled) subs, CODA Audio leads the way in meeting the exacting demands of today’s global market.

CODA Audio has a range of line array systems which cover every type and scale of application. For small venues of every kind, the ultra-compact TiRAY delivers unparalleled high fidelity and intelligibility. In small to medium venues N-RAY and in medium to large venues CiRAY and ViRAY continue the theme of exceptional clarity with high SPL, whilst AiRAY sets a completely new standard in power and flexibility to cover everything up to Arena and Stadium applications. Unique to CODA is that the form factor (width-wise) of all the VCA Family is identical, allowing them to be flown in the same hang. Further to that, the sensor controlled bass extensions also share the same form factor. This enables them to be flown in the same hang or directly behind, avoiding interference with sight lines to video screens and stage sets. Their flexibility, adaptability and sheer quality, makes CODA Audio line arrays the perfect multi purpose systems for any rental or installation company.



Line Array Systems

AiRAY Series

High Output, Long Throw, Full Range Line Array System

Designed for touring and installation applications, the AiRAY is perfectly suited for arenas, theatres, houses of worship, corporate events, clubs and touring. The AiRAY unique package brings together the high...

CiRAY Series

High Output, Full Range Line Array System

High Output, Mid Throw, Full Range Line Array System The CiRAY Series is tailor-made to work perfectly for both installation and touring, with a wide range of applications including arenas,...

ViRAY Series

Compact Line Array System

Aimed specifically at medium sized tours and fixed installation, ViRAY compact line array systems have been created to truly deliver the best possible audio quality, fulfill the exacting needs of...

N-RAY Series

Big Things - Small Packages

The N-RAY Series takes its name from the word nano, presenting itself as a range of flexible, lightweight and small systems with the efficiency and power to rival much larger...

TiRAY Series

Small. Powerful. Flexible.

TiRAY is CODA Audio’s pocket rocket line array: a remarkably small-footprint, super-light, 2-way passive system which packs more of a punch than many competitors’ more sizeable equivalents. This is largely...