CiRAY Series

High Output, Full Range Line Array System

High Output, Mid Throw, Full Range Line Array System

The CiRAY Series is tailor-made to work perfectly for both installation and touring, with a wide range of applications including arenas, theatres, houses of worship, corporate events, clubs and many more.

The CiRAY package combines the high output of a large system with the flexibility of a compact system, redefining what is possible from sound reinforcement systems.

CiRAY systems incorporate CODA’s advanced technologies, including the DDP-Driver (Dual Diaphragm Planar-wave-driver), the award-winning sensor controlled subwoofer technology and linear phase DSP processing. Proprietary CiCOUPLER Instafit Magnetic technology provides more control over dispersion without needing specialist tools. On top of this, the patented DAC technology allows the 10″ drivers to provide the same power density per line array length at low frequencies as the CiRAY’s big brother, AiRAY.

CiRAY high output line array systems are made up of the CiRAY 3-way line array module, SC2-F sensor controlled bass extension and the dedicated CODA Audio LINUS amplifier racks.

The SCP/SCP-F or SCV-F sensor controlled subwoofers are perfectly suited to extend the system performance down as low as 25 Hz.

Sharing the same unique CODA DNA and the same form factor, the whole VCA family is built to work together, CiRAY can also be deployed with other members of the family (ViRAY and AiRAY) plus a range of useful accessories.

CiRAY System Components


High Output 3-way Passive Line Array System

High Output, 3-way Passive Line Array System featuring 8.75" DDP plus dual 10" neodymium ultra-low distortion cone drivers


Dual 15" Bass Extension with SC Technology

Compact dual 15” sensor controlled bass extension, Extended frequency range 35 - 200 Hz (-6 dB)


Compact 18" Sensor Controlled Subwoofer

Compact 18” sensor controlled subwoofer, Extended frequency range down to 25 Hz (-6 dB)


High Output Dual 18” Subwoofer with SC Technology

Dual 18” extreme high excursion woofers, Integrated velocity sensor measures the voice coil movement


12-Channel Touring Rack

3x LINUS14D amplifier in a 10U heavy-duty rack


LINUS Control

Next generation remote control

Graphical user interface for LINUS products, flexible system configuration, tuning and control, intuitive and straight forward system design

System Optimiser

State-of-the-art prediction software for CODA loudspeakers

System Optimiser v1.0 is now available!