DSP amplifiers, speaker management & software

CODA Audio’s LINUS processing and amplification products combine an 8 channel distribution network with loudspeaker management and control, to meet the requirements of all live and installed applications.

Our robust and reliable rack systems share a packaged format for standardisation. In short, CODA Audio customers can enjoy total confidence in the performance of a complete end to end sound system.

DSP Amplifiers, Racks & Speaker Management


Digital Audio Transport And Distribution

At the heart of any CODA Audio system is the transportation and distribution of digital audio signals. The DATAD family of products comprise several units designed to do this with ultimate...


System Racks

CODA Audio’s LINUS system racks provide complete housing and system connection solutions for all CODA Audio loudspeaker systems. The touring variants feature an internal steel shock-mount suspension system, which ensures...

LINUS DSP Amplifiers

Total Control of Your Art

More power, more control, more efficiency: CODA Audio’s LINUS DSP Amplifiers with Loudspeaker Management are designed to control all CODA Audio loudspeakers. They are perfectly at home in any role, in both...



True Immersive Experience means Perfect Timing in the complete audio chain. Basically immersive sound means positioning and moving of audio objects in 3D space and this happens in the time domain. Humans...


LINUS Control

Next generation remote control

Graphical user interface for LINUS products, flexible system configuration, tuning and control, intuitive and straight forward system design

System Optimiser

State-of-the-art prediction software for CODA loudspeakers

System Optimiser v1.0 is now available!


Third party integration

Control LINUS Amplifiers within QSC's Q-SYS Environment

CODA SU Exporter

Third party integration

Export 3D Models from Trimble SketchUp® into System Optimiser

EASE Focus 3

3D modeling of direct sound

3D modeling of direct sound, displayed in horizontal and vertical cutting planes