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CODA Audio offers a wide range of system solutions for every touring application from small club tours up to large stadiums.
Superior sound quality, reliability, compact size and easy handling make CODA Audio systems the first choice for touring and rental companies. Our worldwide distributors’ network will help you to get the required products, services and technical support everywhere in the world. The touring range includes the line array systems, such as the high output AiRAY, compact ViRAY and ultra compact N-RAY and TiRAY systems; each including a variety of transport and rigging accessories. In addition to the line array systems, our touring products include the CUE-Series ultra low profile stage monitors, the G700-Series multifunctional full range models, the point sources N-APS, APS and HOPS, and the CoRAY line source column speakers.

Systems Overview

AiRAY Series

High Output, Long Throw, Full Range Line Array System

Designed for touring and installation applications, the AiRAY is perfectly suited for arenas, theatres, houses of worship, corporate events, clubs and touring. The AiRAY unique package brings together the high...

CiRAY Series

High Output, Full Range Line Array System

High Output, Mid Throw, Full Range Line Array System The CiRAY Series is tailor-made to work perfectly for both installation and touring, with a wide range of applications including arenas,...

ViRAY Series

Compact Line Array System

Aimed specifically at medium sized tours and fixed installation, ViRAY compact line array systems have been created to truly deliver the best possible audio quality, fulfill the exacting needs of...

N-RAY Series

Big Things - Small Packages

The N-RAY Series takes its name from the word nano, presenting itself as a range of flexible, lightweight and small systems with the efficiency and power to rival much larger...

TiRAY Series

Small. Powerful. Flexible.

TiRAY is CODA Audio’s pocket rocket line array: a remarkably small-footprint, super-light, 2-way passive system which packs more of a punch than many competitors’ more sizeable equivalents. This is largely...

CoRAY Series

Columns with Tailored Sound Solutions

Achieving high fidelity, pristine audio into a column speaker – the kind you’d expect of a flagship line array product – is no mean feat. But CoRAY does all this...

APS Series

High Output Arrayable Point Source

APS stands for Arrayable Point Source, and is very much a ‘one for all’ box. It’s CODA’s most flexible three-way solution when it comes to medium size applications, and is...

N-APS Series

Ultra-Compact Arrayable Point Source

One Loudspeaker – Many Solutions. The N-APS is an ultra-compact 2 x 6.5” / 2-way arrayable point source that combines the versatility of a point source with the perfect arrayability of...

HOPS Series

High Output Point Source Systems

HOPS is a range of passive systems with an outstanding output-to-size ratio. These versatile loudspeakers share many common features, enabling them to be integrated as standalone systems or used in...

CUE Series

Next Level of Stage Monitoring

The CUE Series takes stage monitoring to another level for several reasons: exceptionally high output, phenomenal sound quality, and a triaxial transducer design which provides a true one point source....

SC SUB Series

Sensor Controlled Subwoofers

The performance of subwoofers can be unpredictable due to the nonlinear distortion produced by the subwoofer itself, especially under high power conditions. CODA subwoofers have been designed to overcome this...


Digital Audio Transport And Distribution

At the heart of any CODA Audio system is the transportation and distribution of digital audio signals. The DATAD family of products comprise several units designed to do this with ultimate...


System Racks

CODA Audio’s LINUS system racks provide complete housing and system connection solutions for all CODA Audio loudspeaker systems. The touring variants feature an internal steel shock-mount suspension system, which ensures...

LINUS DSP Amplifiers

Total Control of Your Art

More power, more control, more efficiency: CODA Audio’s LINUS DSP Amplifiers with Loudspeaker Management are designed to control all CODA Audio loudspeakers. They are perfectly at home in any role, in both...



True Immersive Experience means Perfect Timing in the complete audio chain. Basically immersive sound means positioning and moving of audio objects in 3D space and this happens in the time domain. Humans...

Special Applications

Solutions for unusual or unprecedented applications

At CODA Audio we design and manufacture our own drivers, enabling us to respond creatively when a need arises that the wider market cannot meet. Niche markets often require solutions...


Compact Versatile Full Range Systems

The new G-Series models are compact versatile full range systems that incorporate the best driver and waveguide technology available today. Best sound quality Maximum output and reliability in their class...