Immersive SPACE


SPACE is the next-generation object based immersive audio, where sound objects can be placed and moved in 3D space to enable new emotional experiences unlike anything heard before. Hearing all fine details with incredible clarity, exactly as they are, you are now not only watching, you are inside of what happens around you.

True Immersive Experience means perfect timing in the complete audio chain. Basically immersive sound means positioning and moving of audio objects in 3D space and this happens in the time domain. Humans perceive the direction of sound by comparing the arrival time of transients at the two ears, therefore perfect timing in the entire audio chain is the most essential part for creating a true immersive experience.

While electronics usually provides precise transient response the time-domain characteristics of the loudspeakers are the most critical part. CODA Audio linear–phase loudspeakers are an essential part of the SPACE Immersive System Solution. The principal advantages of linear-phase loudspeakers become even more important in multichannel 3D audio. Ensuring phase accuracy with no differences in timing between the various loudspeakers the essential timing information is transmitted to the listener with perfect phase coherency and transient accuracy.

N-APS / N-RAY with DS-FIR preset and linear phase response


Frequency response summation (with DS-FIR filters): N-RAY + N-APS complete coupling


Linear Phase response (with DS-FIR filters) – Lilac: N-RAY, White: N-APS

Conventional, minimal–phase loudspeakers have principally nonlinear phase response.
That means that even if they all have linear frequency response they will not match together in the time domain when used in a multichannel set up (especially with different loudspeaker types). The phase error related to the lack of time coherence will destroy the perceived localization providing a lot of blur and smearing and be unable to produce accurate spatial image.

N-APS / N-RAY minimal phase response without phase correction

Down (purple): Nearby identical, linear frequency responses of N-RAY and N-APS without phase correction (using IIR filters). 

Up (white): The summation of N-APS + N-RAY in minimal-phase mode without phase correction providing irregular summation with deep cancelations caused by their uneven phase responses. 

Even if N-RAY and N-APS are the same family loudspeakers with similar size, identical cone drivers, and tuning their phase responses are different and require time correction to be able to work together. 

White: N-APS Minimal-Phase response without time correction – typical phase behaviour of a 2-way loudspeaker. 

Purple: N-RAY Minimal-Phase response without time correction – typical phase behaviour of a 3-way loudspeaker. 


In a multi-channel immersive system the phase response of every loudspeaker must be 0° to ensure time coherence, improved localization of sound sources and spatial stability. That enchanted immersive impression is not achievable with conventional speakers.

(Note: Linear-Phase means the group delay correction of the loudspeaker, not the time alignment.)