Point Source

A range of unique, specialised products

CODA Audio has created a new generation of high-output point source loudspeakers, with outstanding output-to-size ratio.  Ring diaphragm drivers are used throughout our entire point source families, achieving a consistent signature, high output, great directivity and high fidelity audio.

The HOPS Series delivers incredible output power from the smallest conceivable footprint. We have created an entirely new hybrid, where point source meets line array, in the shape of our ground-breaking APS (Arrayable Point Source) and N-APS Series. Our CUE Series stage monitors deliver phenomenal power and quality from their lightweight, low-profile design and D-Series and G-Series comprise traditional, compact, versatile full-range systems.

Point Source Systems

HOPS Series

High Output Point Source Systems

HOPS is a range of passive systems with an outstanding output-to-size ratio. These versatile loudspeakers share many common features, enabling them to be integrated as standalone systems or used in...

CUE Series

Next Level of Stage Monitoring

The CUE Series takes stage monitoring to another level for several reasons: exceptionally high output, phenomenal sound quality, and a triaxial transducer design which provides a true one point source....

Special Applications

Solutions for unusual or unprecedented applications

At CODA Audio we design and manufacture our own drivers, enabling us to respond creatively when a need arises that the wider market cannot meet. Niche markets often require solutions...


Compact Versatile Full Range Systems

The new G-Series models are compact versatile full range systems that incorporate the best driver and waveguide technology available today. Best sound quality Maximum output and reliability in their class...


Installation Speakers

The CODA D-Series coaxial loudspeaker systems are engineered without compromise to provide a true one point source radiation. This unique loudspeaker technology aligns the acoustical centres of the transducers providing...