The Ultimate Flexibility

As well as offering the most flexible and reliable solution in terms of applications, we’re proud to offer the most compact option on the market. Where else will you find a whole range of speakers that can be flown together with no specialist equipment needed? With the VCA range, everything is tailored to convenience. In spite of a smaller size, CODA line arrays offer more bass and higher SPL than anything else on the market, and even use fewer amplifier channels.

The VCA range is designed to be a rental company’s best friend. As well as saving time and crew in setup, the speakers are far better for trucking, and a friend of the environment too. Rather than six or seven different systems, why not one family that can
achieve results in every scenario? Some clients need long throw while some need cardioid
deployments, some will focus on vocal applications whereas others need speakers to handle the challenges of a full orchestral setup. Our speaker system can be deployed in so many
different setups and retain the same quality, whether a small and intimate setup is called for, or you’re setting up in a huge venue. For rental companies, this means fewer restrictions on how you can use the equipment, more flexibility, and ultimately a far improved ROI. Your equipment can spend less time in storage, and more time on the road, doing its job. No matter what is needed, CODA’s line array system provides crystal clarity in a compact system that stands alone in the industry. With our audio family, the possibilities are limitless.

CODA flexibility versus competition fixed formats

Illustration of transportation of AiRAY (top) versus competing 2 x 12” line array (bottom)