LINUS14/14D :

4 Channel DSP Amplifier with Loudspeaker Management

LINUS14/14D Photo
LINUS14/14D Photo
LINUS14/14D Photo
LINUS14/14D Photo
LINUS14/14D Photo
LINUS14/14D Photo
LINUS14/14D Photo
LINUS14/14D Photo
LINUS14/14D Photo
LINUS14/14D Photo
LINUS14/14D Photo
LINUS14/14D Photo

Integrated DSP, network, comparator and amplifier solution, 4x 3500 W @ 4 Ω, optional DANTE

  • 19"/ 2U Four channel DSP comparator amplifier for fixed installations, touring and portable applications, delivers 4x 3500 W / 4 Ω.

Main Features

  • Integrated DSP, network, comparator and amplifier solution
  • 4x 3500 W @ 4 Ω
  • Class D-IC amplifiers for superior sound performance
  • SMPS with automatic selection for 115 V or 230 V
  • SHARC floating point DSP @ 96 kHz
  • 4 balanced analogue inputs
  • LiNET – 8x freely configurable digital audio signals over CAT5e
  • DANTE – audio network (LINUS14D only)
  • 4 dynamic comparators for use with CODA Audio Sensor Controlled subwoofers
  • Advanced IIR and linear phase FIR filters
  • LINUS Control – network control and monitoring of amplifiers over Ethernet
  • Factory presets for all CODA Audio loudspeaker systems
  • 5 year warranty

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The LINUS14/14D is a four channel DSP networkable amplifier and comparator delivering 4x 3500 W of clean power in a light weight 19”/2U package. The 4 audio inputs are selectable from analog, AES3, LiNET digital audio network or DANTE and are routable to any of the 4 outputs.

LINUS14/14D ENGINE – the class D-IC output stage topology delivers audiophile sonic accuracy with enormous headroom providing significant improvement of the system performance in dynamics and transparency.

LINUS CORE – the SHARC floating point DSP processor ensures tremendous processing power enabling the integration of sophisticated audio algorithms. The advanced signal processing includes IIR and phase linear DS-FIR filters for perfect linearity and superior sound performance as well as advanced look-ahead and frequency dependent limiters for increased system headroom and sonic fidelity under heavy use conditions.

DANTE – transmits digital audio over an Ethernet based network (available on LINUS14D only).

LiNET – a robust, redundant audio transport solution that transmits digital audio over a shielded CAT5e cable. Up to 8 digital audio signals can be sent to each amplifier via LiNET, buffered and sent to the next unit via the LiNET link out for daisy chaining. The signal routing inside the LINUS14/14D can be done remotely or using the pushbuttons on the front panel.

COMPARATOR – the LINUS14/14D provides integrated feedback loop control for Sensor Controlled subwoofers. The unit has four sensor inputs connected to two 5-pin Neutrik XLR input. The comparator’s electronic circuit loop measures the voice coil movement and adjusts the amplifier driving voltage and/or current to correct any driver inaccuracy. It is a closed feedback-loop and therefore self-optimising system in which the driver confirms precisely the power it needs to produce the original audio signal. The key advantage is a very extended and controlled response. Any distortion produced by the driver or the enclosure is instantly corrected by the feedback.

LINUS Control – CODA’s intuitive  system management software provides the user a fast and flexible graphical interface for everything from system configuration and tuning,  to control and system monitoring. It is optimised for both Mac OS and Windows, including tablet and native interfaces.


Containing factory presets for all CODA Audio loudspeaker systems LINUS14/14D offers a flexible solution for touring, permanent installation, corporate AV and portable applications.

Factory presets LINUS14/14D:
AiRAY, CiRAY, ViRAY, N-RAY, TiRAY, CoRAY, APS Series, N-APS Series, HOPS Series, CUE Series, G-Series, D-Series, SC SUB Series and U-Subs.




Number of output channels 4
Output stage Class D-IC
Internal samplerate / bit-depth 96 kHz / 24 bit
Signal-to-noise ratio
(22 Hz – 20 kHz, 4 Ω – analogue input)
>108 dB (unweighted)
>111 dB (A-weighted)
Signal-to-noice ratio
(22 Hz – 20 kHz, 4 Ω – digital input)
>116 dB (unweighted)
>119 dB (A-weighted)
Frequency response
(8 Ω load with CLEAR preset)
20 Hz – 20 kHz = (+0.0 dB /-1.0 dB)
(4 Ω load @ 1/2 output power)
20 Hz – 20 kHz = < 0.005%
(input to loudspeaker output)
Minimum 2.70 ms AES/EBU input
Minimum 2.00 ms analog input
Protection circuits Inrush current limiter
Thermal limiter
Output DC
SMPS over-current
Output overload
LED indicators Mute status
Ethernet control active
Digital signal locked
Power on
Ethernet connection 2 x 100 Mbps RJ45 Control
1 x 100 Mbps RJ45
AC Mains
AC mains input connector Neutrik 32A powerCON®
AC mains voltage (high range)**
(dual voltage SMPS with automatic voltage range selection)
180 V = Minimum
230 V = Nominal
265 V = Maximum
AC mains voltage (low range)**
(dual voltage SMPS with automatic voltage range selection)
90 V = Minimum
115 V = Nominal
132 V = Maximum
AC mains frequency 47 – 63 Hz
Power consumption*
(1/4 power = 600 W @ 4 Ω to represent typical music signal)
Amplifier in standby = 17.6 W
Amplifier idle = 191 W
Amplifier ¼ power = 3200 W
Input sources Analog, AES/EBU, DANTE
Analogue input impedance
12 kΩ
Maximum input level (analog differential) +18 dBu / 6.15 Vrms
Input connections 4x XLR3 Analog IN
2x XLR5 Sensor IN
1X RJ45 LINET IN (8x CH)
1x RJ45 LINET LINK (8x CH)
1x RJ45 DANTE IN (4x CH)
1x RJ45 AUX
Supported digital input formats
(internal SRC)
32 kHz / 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz / 88.2 kHz / 96 kHz / 176.4 kHz / 192 kHz
RMS output power*
(20 Hz – 20 kHz, THD <0.01%)
(all channels driven)
1800 W @ 8 Ω
3500 W @ 4 Ω
4400 W @ 2.7 Ω
4500 W @ 2 Ω
Peak output power*
(20 Hz – 20 kHz, 6 dB Crest Factor)
(all channels driven)
3600 W pk @ 8 Ω
7000 W pk @ 4 Ω
6500 W pk @ 2.7 Ω
5200 W pk @ 2 Ω
Maximum output voltage* +/- 170 V pk
Maximum output current* +/- 52 A pk
Damping factor
(8 Ω load, 1 kHz & below)
Minimum output load 2 Ω nom
2.7 Ω for Sensor Control
Power output connections 2x Neutrik NL4 speakON®
1x Neutrik NL8 speakON®
Operating temperature +5°C to +55°C
41°F to 131°F
Thermal output
679.02 = Idle
2470.39 = 20 %
5159.16 = 50 %
9635.88 = 100 %
Thermal output
0.199 = Idle
0.724 = 20 %
1.512 = 50 %
2.824 = 100 %
Cooling 2x thermally controlled fans
Hot air expelled at rear
Dimensions (WxHxD) 483.5 x 88 x 454.18 mm / 19.04” x 3.46” x 17.88” (2 Rack units)
Shipping dim. (WxHxD) 675 x 130 x 560 mm (0.049 m³) / 26.57” x 5.12” x 22.05”
Net Weight 14.75 kg / 32.5 lbs.
Shipping weight 17.5 kg / 38.6 lbs.
Volume = 0.049 m3 / 1.73 ft3

* Typical values – some variation may exist due to component tolerances.
**Voltage range should not be exceeded. Amplifier output power performance will degrade below nominal voltage & increase above nominal voltage.


LINUS14/14D Data Sheet (English)Download 
LINUS14/14D Datenblatt (Deutsch)Download 
LINUS14/14D ManualDownload 
Dante Firmware Update LINUS14DDownload