AES to Ethernet Converter

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Transmits digital audio plus software remote control over CAT5e

  • Optimised for small system setups, transmits of up to 4 digital audio signals plus LINUS Control software remote control via CAT5e

Main Features

  • 9.5”
  • Combines ethernet with 2x AES/EBU streams to one cable
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Status LED’s
  • Reliable
  • Cable lengths up to 100 m (shielded CAT5e)
  • Plug and play operation with LINUS-C amplifiers and LINUS Racks
  • Incredibly low latency
  • 44.1 – 192 kHz operation
  • 5 year warranty

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The ATEC is a device designed to combine ethernet control data with 2x AES/EBU streams (4x audio channels) together down one cable, up to a maximum of 100 m on shielded CAT5e cable.

Inheriting advanced LiNET technologies such as the high quality  44.1 – 192 kHz sample rate converters and the pristine world clock, excellent audio quality is guaranteed with perfect synchronisation.

The ATEC is a high quality, extremely reliable AES/EBU front-end for a smaller CODA Audio system.


ATEC Data Sheet (all DATAD devices)Download