SPACE – The True Immersive Experience SPACE HUB is a 19”/3U state of the art immersive processor that lets you build stunning audio experiences in three dimensions. Incorporate up to 128 audio sources, rendered into 128 outputs, to create an evolving, immersive listening experience in any setting. SPACE HUB is an integral part of SPACE Immersive System […]

LiNET Master

Overview LiNET Master is the bridge between a mixing console and the CODA digital transport system. It serves as a perfect AES/EBU front-end ensuring ultimate compatibility and redundancy to the entire audio chain. High quality 44.1 – 192 kHz sample rate converters integrated seamlessly with a pristine word clock guarantee excellent audio transmission with perfect synchronisation […]

LiNET Switch

Overview The LiNET Switch acts as an intelligent distribution amplifier within the CODA digital transport ecosystem. When used with the LiNET Master, fall-back functionality allows for seamless changeover in the event of upstream link failure. Both LiNET inputs are clock recovered and regenerated with minimal latency, allowing for massive rugged topologies to be easily established. […]


Overview The ATEC is a device designed to combine ethernet control data with 2x AES/EBU streams (4x audio channels) together down one cable, up to a maximum of 100 m on shielded CAT5e cable. Inheriting advanced LiNET technologies such as the high quality  44.1 – 192 kHz sample rate converters and the pristine world clock, excellent audio quality […]

LINUS CON – Discontinued

Overview The LINUS CON loudspeaker management system is designed to control all CODA Audio loudspeaker systems. The 19”/1U unit incorporates 4 balanced analogue inputs, 4 outputs (analogue and AES3) and can receive up to 8 digital signals via LINET.  The unit can be controlled directly from its front panel or using the Ethernet based LINUS […]


Overview CODA Audio strives to provide complete solutions that allow for simple, setup, integration and operation of CODA Audio systems. The LINUS T-RACK is an important part of this effort. The T-RACK houses three LINUS14D amplifiers in an efficient road ready package. This factory-made standard includes switchable rear mounted power distribution, shock mounted infrastructure and […]


Overview The LINUS M-RACK continues CODA Audio’s comprehensive system-based approach by providing a single LINUS14D DSP/amplifier with a CODA PAN-M connector panel in a compact 3U rack package. As the LINUS14D is capable of powering every loudspeaker in the CODA catalogue, the M-RACK makes every smaller portable CODA system as clean and flawless in terms […]




OVERVIEW The LINUS14/14D is a four channel DSP networkable amplifier and comparator delivering 4x 3500 W of clean power in a light weight 19”/2U package. The 4 audio inputs are selectable from analog, AES3, LiNET digital audio network or DANTE and are routable to any of the 4 outputs. LINUS14/14D ENGINE – the class D-IC […]

LINUS DSP Amplifiers


OVERVIEW The LINUS12C is a four channel DSP networkable amplifier delivering 4x 3000 W of virtually distortion-free power in a light weight 19”/2U package. The 4 audio inputs are selectable from analog, AES3 or LiNET digital audio and are routable to any of the 4 outputs. LINUS12C ENGINE – the class D-IC output stage topology […]



OVERVIEW The LINUS6.4 is a four-channel DSP networkable installation amplifier delivering 4 x 1500 W of clean power in a convenient and lightweight 19”/1U package.  Advanced Class D discrete power stages with DC-coupled DACs, together with a high-efficiency SMPS with PFC to provide unrivalled power density and minimal thermal dissipation.  The innovative PCB layout design […]