HOPS12i : Point Source.

High Output 3-way Full Range Point Source for Installations

HOPS12i Photo
HOPS12i Photo
HOPS12i Photo
HOPS12i Photo
HOPS12i Photo
HOPS12i Photo
HOPS12i Photo
HOPS12i Photo
HOPS12i Photo
HOPS12i Size Comparison
HOPS12i Photo
HOPS12i Photo
HOPS12i Photo
HOPS12i Photo
HOPS12i Photo
HOPS12i Photo
HOPS12i Photo
HOPS12i Photo
HOPS12i Photo
HOPS12i Size Comparison

Dual 12", 3-way high output system for installation applications

  • Installation 3-way high output, full range point source loudspeaker with a high power handling of 2000 W.

Main Features

  • High output 3-way full range point source optimised for installation applications
  • Frequency range: 44 Hz – 22 kHz (-6 dB)
  • High power handling of 2000 W (AES)
  • Unique 1.4″ mid/high coaxial ring diaphragm neodymium driver
  • Dual 12″ neodymium ultra low distortion woofer
  • Variable dispersion patterns: 90° x 60° rotatable or 60°x 40° rotatable
  • Max. peak SPL 144 dB
  • Dynamic Airlow Cooling (DAC) technology
  • Superior sound quality with linear phase response
  • Multiplex enclosure with Polyurea coating for extreme durability and water protection
  • Ball impact resistant (DIN 18032-3)
  • System integration with LINUS Loudspeaker Management Amplifiers
  • Broad range of mounting accessories

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The CODA Audio HOPS12i is an extremely high output three-way installation point source loudspeaker, featuring dual 12″ neodymium ultra low distortion cone low-frequency drivers and a 1.4″ coaxial neodymium mid/high driver in a compact enclosure. The loudspeaker is available with different dispersions, providing variable directivity to many installation applications – for instance, dance clubs, houses of worship, sports venues, theatres and corporate events.

The triaxial design aligns the acoustic centres of the transducers to produce a perfectly coherent and uniform wavefront and power response, with directivity control down to 300 Hz.

HOPS12i is loaded with the best of the best in CODA Audio’s advanced technologies: the 1.4” coaxial driver, patented Dynamic Airflow Cooling (DAC) and Phase Linearity.


Unique 1.4″ mid/high coaxial neodymium driver.

The mid/high driver assembly designed for HOPS12i comprises two ring-diaphragms mounted concentrically, engineered such that the entire radiating areas of the diaphragms are physically very close to their respective voice coils.  Unlike a traditional dome compression driver, this close proximity results in a controlled ‘piston-like’ movement of the ring; the end result being incredibly accurate reproduction of large bandwidths, massively reducing distortion to nearly immeasurable levels – even at high pressure levels.

By paying meticulous attention to the concentric mounting of the mid and high ring diaphragms, we are able to ‘physically position them in the time domain’, allowing for a perfect mutual working relationship in phase. What’s more, this concentric mounting allows the possibility of a common magnetic assembly shared between the two ring-diaphragms, further introducing a drastic weight saving when compared to discrete mid & high sections.  In other words – this attention to detail, fundamentally instilled at the design stage, enables the purest audio possible.


Low Frequency.

HOPS12i uses an adapted version of the same high performance 12” neodymium cone drivers with 4” voice coils that are found in CODA Audio’s flagship line-array AiRAY.  These drivers feature an unrivalled long excursion, and are fitted with high-flux linear motors.  These high efficiency drivers exhibit ultra-low levels of distortion, all the while minimising any influences from power compression. Their moving mass is minimised through use of carbon fibre diaphragms, which improve cone stiffness and internal damping, resulting in a high sensitivity, and pristine sonic clarity.


Dynamic Airflow Cooling (DAC).

The HOPS12i features a front baffle and vents constructed from aluminium, with all drivers thermally coupled & mounted to it. The aluminium vents are optimised to maximise airflow, greatly increasing the thermal capacity of the system. Applying more power to the loudspeaker increases the airflow within the vents, in turn conducting more heat away from the drivers – distributing that heat outside the enclosure. The patented DAC technology dramatically improves heat dissipation, increasing the power handling and the long-term maximum sound pressure of the system two-fold.


Phase Linearity.

Whilst many of today’s ‘modern’ loudspeakers feature a linear frequency response, very few also benefit from being phase-linear too, but HOPS12i is exactly that. As a result, there is no need to apply any compromising destructive processing when combining different elements together in complex systems. This simple phase-compatibility between other CODA Audio products delivers faithful imaging, and better overall fidelity.


Versatility – one enclosure – different dispersions.

HOPS12i features interchangeable waveguides providing various options for adjusting directivity, but unlike many other loudspeakers that ‘only’ steer high frequency – the HOPS12i waveguides control all the way down to 300 Hz. The benefits of this cannot be understated – the broadband energy is exactly focused where it’s needed, whilst keeping it away from walls and other reflective surfaces. That’s two advantages in intelligibility!

Both 90ºx60º and 60ºx40º waveguides are available, and these are rotatable, giving 4x directivity options.

The system can be used as a stand-alone full range system, or together with subwoofers.


Optimised for installations.

The HOPS12i incorporates multiple M8 threaded points for fixing a wide range of CODA Audio rigging hardware. The cabinet has an IP54/55 rating and is Ball Impact Resistant in accordance with DIN 18032-3.

System Solutions

NO. 1: Full Range 4-8x HOPS12



4-8x HOPS12

NO. 2: Sub / Top 2x HOPS12 + 2x U4



2x HOPS12
2x U4

NO. 3: 4-POINT CLUB 4x HOPS12 + 2x U4



4x HOPS12
2x U4



Type: High Output 3-way Full Range Point Source for Installations
Application: Installation 3-way high output, full range point source
Frequency response: 44 Hz – 22 kHz (-6 dB)
Power handling Low AES / peak: 2000 W / 8000 W
Max. peak SPL (with LINUS14):* HOPS12i-64: 144 dB (A)
HOPS12i-96: 142 dB (A)
Amplification, cabinets per Amplifier
LINUS10-C Optimum / Maximum: 8/12
LINUS12C Optimum / Maximum: 8/12
LINUS14 Optimum / Maximum: 8/12
Dispersion horizontal: HOPS12i-64: 60° (rotatable)
HOPS12i-96: 90° (rotatable)
Dispersion vertical: HOPS12i-64: 40° (rotatable)
HOPS12i-96: 60° (rotatable)
Components Low frequency: 2x 12″ neodymium, water resistant cones, 4″ (101 mm) VC, 1000 W (AES) each
Components Mid/High frequency: 1.4″ neodymium coaxial driver,
MF: 3.5″ (90 mm) VC, 150 W (AES)
HF: 1.75″ (44.4 mm) VC, 80 W (AES)
Crossover point: 3-way passive 440 Hz / 6300 Hz
Input connectors: 2x Neutrik™ NL4MP
Nominal impedance LF / MF+HF: 8 Ω (1+/1-)
Enclosure material: Hybrid birch plywood and aluminium
Finish: Polyurea black coating
Suspension: 12 x M8 threaded points
IP rating (IEC 60529): IP54
Weather protection options: Standard IP55: IP55 (Direct cable)
MG1 (Marine Grade 1): IP55
Dimensions (WxHxD): 368 x 790 x 420 mm / 14.49 x 31.1 x 16.54″
Net weight: 34 kg / 74.96 lbs

* Measured with pink noise 12 dB crest factor (A-weighted).
** In low SPL applications up to 4x HOPS12i per channel can be connected.


  • H12H

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    Horizontal U-bracket for HOPS12i

  • H12V

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    Vertical U-bracket for HOPS12i

  • HFA12

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    Flying adapter for HOPS12i

  • Waveguide HOPS12i 64

    This post is also available in: Deutsch (German)

    Waveguide for HOPS12i 60°x40°


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