Ganzhou Spectacular Makes Most of CODA

CODA Audio chosen for the only large scale symphonic concert to take place in Jiangxi Province during 2020...

  • Ganzhou Spectacular Makes Most of CODA
  • Ganzhou Spectacular Makes Most of CODA

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The province of Jiangxi in China witnessed its only large scale outdoor symphonic concert of 2020 at the Ruijin Sports Centre Stadium in Ganzhou in November last year. Featuring a gala performance by orchestra, singers and actors, the cultural celebration was attended by a number of civic dignitaries who joined the large audience to enjoy a spectacular show. Leading Jiangxi-based audio specialists, Zhongsheng Music International Cultural Media Co., a customer of CODA Audio’s Chinese distributor Tempo, took care of production, and used a CODA system to deliver pinpoint sound in a potentially difficult acoustic space.

The stadium’s acoustics and stage orientation posed serious challenges for the audio team. A number of constraints, including multiple highly reflective surfaces had previously led many sceptical commentators to doubt whether it was at all possible to achieve a positive outcome in this particular stadium. A CODA system in the hands of an experienced and skilful technical team proved quite the opposite…

The team deployed a main system based on AiRAY and ViRAY line arrays to ensure uniform coverage of the audience area. PW418 subwoofers, used in a cardioid arrangement, provided sufficient low frequency for even frontal coverage, whilst reducing the lows at the back of the loudspeakers and on stage. This ensured a ‘clean’ monitoring environment for the performers. The main system arrays were supplemented by 3-way G712-Pro point source loudspeakers as front fills for the VIP area, with 2-way G512-Pro used for stage-monitoring.

A spokesperson for Tempo comments:

“The Zhongsheng Music Team’s attention to detail in designing the system supported the ultra-high standards of the concert. Everyone in attendance was immersed in full, natural and clear sound, which made a huge contribution to the great success of this unforgettable event.”

David Webster, Global Marketing Director for CODA Audio adds:

“First of all we are delighted that a CODA system was deployed for this important occasion. In what was a difficult year across the world for live events, to see a stadium show on this scale gives us great cause for optimism. It’s also great to see that the production team were able to take advantage of the flexibility and compatibility of our systems to overcome the acoustic issues presented by a challenging site. The work carried out by Tempo in communicating the CODA message to the Chinese market is clearly paying dividends, as we see more and more audio suppliers taking advantage of our unique products.”