CoRAY Series


Overview This 2-way system may look slender, but there’s a lot going on inside: high power handling of 700 W is achievable thanks to its dual 4″ HF neodymium planar wave drivers and four 5″ ultra-low distortion cone speakers. Also, CoRAY4 is smart: you can easily eliminate any unwanted reflections in tricky spaces, and tailor […]


Overview CoRAY4L is a compact  low-mid frequency extension for CoRAY4/4i. This system convinces with high fidelity, scalability and excellent speech intelligibility. The CoRAY Series combines the CODA AUDIO innovative driver and system design technologies.  CoRAY4L contains four 5” ultra low-distortion cone speakers. The combination of CoRAY4L low frequency extension with the CoRAY4 provides significantly higher […]