APS Series

N-APS Series


Overview APS is CODA’s most flexible 3-way solution when it comes to medium size applications, and is a true hybrid of point source and line array. At the heart of APS is a string of CODA Audio’s uber-advanced technologies, the highlight perhaps being the unique DDC (Dual Diaphragm Curved-wave-driver) – similar to CODA’s DDP driver, […]


Overview The APS-SUB is an 18″ high output subwoofer that provides powerful and extended low frequency response with immense headroom. Low port compression and optimised enclosure design give a tight, accurate bass response that is ideally suited for dance clubs, mobile or installation applications. The integrated rigging system allows quick and easy flying or ground […]


Overview The N-APS is an ultra compact dual 6.5” / 2-way arrayable point source that combines the user-friendliness of a point source with the perfect arrayability of a line array, creating a unique category reinforcement system for small to medium size venues. With the latest in driver and system design technology, N-APS delivers twice the power […]


Overview The N-SUB is a compact 15” subwoofer, weighing in at 28 kg. With high power handling of 1500 W, a maximum SPL of 139 dB (peak), this is a sub with guts – it reaches as low as 30 Hz. Like CODA’s N-APS, N-SUB benefits from Dynamic Airflow Cooling (DAC) – a revolutionary technology which […]