CODA Audio N-RAY Enjoys a Night at The Opera

Organised by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Beijing Municipal People’s Government, the 9th Chinese Peking Opera Arts Festival took place over a three-week period in September and October at The National Centre for Performing Arts.

  • CODA Audio N-RAY Enjoys a Night at The Opera
  • CODA Audio N-RAY Enjoys a Night at The Opera

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As the leading opera art event in China, the Festival has been the launchpad for a large number of excellent productions and performances, and has been instrumental in the advancement of Chinese traditional culture.

The principal work featured at the Festival was The Grand Canal of Beijing, a complete orchestral suite for the Beijing Opera, combining a range of different vocal genres with orchestral music. The
presentation was a multimedia stage event, combining music, choreography and costumes.

Held in the concert hall of the National Centre for Performing Arts, the symphonic performances not only demanded the highest quality audio, but also that the loudspeaker system was as discreet as possible in order to avoid compromising video feed sight-lines or other aspects of the presentation. Production specialists and CODA Audio’s distributor in China, Tongbo supplied a CODA System based around the German manufacturer’s latest N-RAY product.

The system comprises, 6 x N-RAY with 1 x SCN-F subwoofer per side, as well as 4 x HOPS5 for a stage lip system and a further 8 x HOPS8 for monitoring. The compact nature of all the loudspeakers in the system meant that they were largely invisible in the live video feed. Following the performance, Wang Lei of the Technical Department of the National Centre for the Performing Arts, and the sound designer for the production, declared that the audio was “exceptional”.

David Webster, Global Marketing Director for CODA Audio commented:

“It’s fantastic to see N-RAY being deployed for such a prestigious occasion. Tongbo’s excellent work in delivering the CODA Audio message to the Chinese market is having a strong impact judging by the number of high-profile events with which the systems are involved. N-RAY was clearly the ideal choice for this particular application, where as an ultra-compact yet very powerful solution, it was able to meet the production team’s precise need for discreet, high quality coverage.”