Sound Systems for Live events, Sound Systems for Installation

Speaker Systems for Live Events

CODA Audio offers a wide range of system solutions for every touring application from small club tours up to large open-air festivals. Superior sound quality, reliability, compact size and easy handling make CODA Audio systems the first choice for touring and rental companies. Our worldwide distributors’ network will help you to get the required products, services and technical support everywhere in the world.

Speaker Systems for Installation

CODA Audio offers a wide range of loudspeaker systems for every installation application from small conference rooms up to the large stadiums. Reliability, esthetic, various kinds of installation accessories and superior sound quality together with competent installation partners worldwide makes CODA products the first choice for outstanding quality installations.

Coda Product Ranges

Client Testimonial...

"When someone asks me what I 'think' of AiRAY, I always say it's more what I 'feel' about it - a freshly-rigged, full range driven AiRAY system always gives me goosebumps and chills! The fullness and accurate frequency response is just astonishing and rigging any CODA Audio array is a breeze because of the fully integrated rigging system. The sensor controlled subwoofers define a whole new approach towards gaining headroom and punch. The show was a great success and working with Baptiste, Thibault and Eddi was a pleasure. NRJ Toulouse was a demonstration of just how effectively CODA Audio's excellent range of systems can be deployed."

Yves Van Moerbeke

Client Testimonial...

Stefan Zumstein-Uiting of Schallwerk:

“Our customer, Pilatus-Bahnen AG and the bands were delighted with the results and many people in the crowd also took the time to remark on how great the sound was. The system’s performance was truly sensational. What was really impressive was the stability of the sound even in an occasionally gusting wind. Again, the size of the cabinets versus the power they deliver was also a huge advantage in relation to the unique nature of the site.”

Stefan Zumstein-Uiting

Client Testimonial...

"The engineers for both bands were blown away by the PA and said its output was unbelievable. The CODA gear really is extremely powerful for its size and delivers very high resolution and fantastic projection. The sound is really 'in your face' but the clarity is still exceptional and the low-end is warm, tight and distortion free. The fact that CODA systems are all seamlessly compatible meant that we were able to get exactly what we wanted for optimum coverage in the arena without any problems. The AiRAY boxes in particular are just so light and easy to handle yet still pack an amazing punch. I'm convinced that we are seeing and hearing the future of pro-audio in CODA systems."

Ulrik 'Thunder' Rasmussen

Client Testimonial...

"This was a very exciting and demanding production, working with top-class musicians. We had only one trailer so it was essential that we used a system that could provide the flexibility we required in the different venues but was compact enough for our restricted truck-space. In consultation with system-tech Michael Wirth and FOH engineer Ingo Thürauf, we chose the combination of ViRAY and TiRAY, which proved to be a very good decision."

Michael Wengerter - Head of Audio at Ambion GmbH

Client Testimonial...

FOH engineer Shintaro Sato is one of Hibino Sound's new generation of top young engineers and takes up the story:

"Using CODA Audio AiRAY for this concert was a revelation. I couldn't believe the sound of the system from 70 metres away - the detail was incredible - it was as though I was listening very close up. Really, it's hard to describe just how near you feel, even at that distance. Also what amazed me was the reproducibility of the output sound against the input signal - meaning the audience is experiencing a more 'real' sound."

Shintaro Sato