Tommex Chooses CODA Audio For Zamość House Of Culture

Tommex designs and supplies fixed and mobile CODA Audio systems for recently modernised multi-use culture centre in Zamość, Poland…

  • Tommex Chooses CODA Audio For Zamość House Of Culture
  • Tommex Chooses CODA Audio For Zamość House Of Culture
  • Tommex Chooses CODA Audio For Zamość House Of Culture

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The expansion and modernisation of the Zamość House of Culture in southern Poland, more than fifty years after its original construction, included the complete refurbishment of its performance auditorium. The addition of a balcony allowed for an increase in capacity to just over 400, whilst new evacuation staircases and improved disabled access were also key aspects of the project. To match the structural improvements, the venue also benefited from new sound, light and stage-management systems. The sound and stage-management systems were designed, delivered and commissioned by leading production specialists Tommex, who supplied CODA Audio systems to meet the audio brief.

With more than thirty years experience of providing professional audio systems to a wide variety of venues, including many such cultural centres, Tommex, CODA Audio’s distributor in Poland, has a wealth of experience in designing systems that exactly suit the needs of the space for which they are intended. At the Zamość House of Culture, Tommex took careful account of the architecture of the auditorium to ensure optimal coverage, whilst minimising the risk of reflections in the newly configured room. By selecting products from the CODA Audio range – all of which share the same sonic signature and can be seamlessly integrated with each other – Tommex was able to design a system that could cater for the wide range of cultural events, concerts, theatre performances and conferences that take place in this multi-use auditorium.

The sound system was based around CODA Audio’s TiRAY product, consisting of two hangs of eight modules per side, supported by SCV-F sensor-controlled subwoofers. TiRAY is an ultra-compact two-way full range line array system, designed for small venues where high fidelity sound and outstanding intelligibility are essential. The main system is supplemented by D5-Cube units as front fill, and HOPS8i installed under the balcony. The overall system is powered by LINUS10C and LINUS14 amplifiers with built in DSP processors and was tuned by Szczepan Soltys.

As well as the auditorium system, the venue required a compact mobile system for outdoor use. For this Tommex supplied six CODA Audio N-APS arrayable point source loudspeakers, a series of small light units which are flexible and versatile, and can comfortably compete with much larger, heavier systems. The ultra-high fidelity N-APS offers variable horizontal directivity and can be flown or placed on tripods. The mobile system is completed by four SCV-F subwoofers which can be used in a cardioid or omnidirectional arrangement.

David Webster, Director of Global Marketing at CODA Audio comments:

“Once again, Tommex has designed and installed CODA systems to great effect. The Culture House at Zamość stages a wide variety of productions, so it’s important that both fixed and mobile solutions offer optimum coverage, quality and flexibility. The choice of systems perfectly meets the needs of the venue, enabling every detail of a production to be heard with absolute clarity in every seat. Tommex continues to demonstrate that by combining products from across our range, there really is a CODA Audio system for every job.”