The Power of Three – Brzeskie Cultural Centre choses CODA Audio

Cultural Centre reopens following extensive modernisation with three new CODA Audio systems...

  • The Power of Three – Brzeskie Cultural Centre choses CODA Audio
  • The Power of Three – Brzeskie Cultural Centre choses CODA Audio
  • The Power of Three – Brzeskie Cultural Centre choses CODA Audio
  • The Power of Three – Brzeskie Cultural Centre choses CODA Audio

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The Brzeskie Cultural Centre in the southwestern Polish Town of Brzeg recently reopened following a programme of modernisation. The centre, which stages a wide range of entertainment productions, cultural events, cinema and arts education classes, comprises three principle event spaces – a Main Events Hall, a Chamber Hall and a Cinema. The Centre enjoyed a significant investment in its facilities, aimed at providing its users and audiences with a first class experience. In order to furnish each of the spaces with a high quality audio system, the main construction company working on the project, MPM Development Sp. z o.o., recommended audio specialists Tommex to supply and install CODA Audio systems throughout – a choice accepted by the Centre’s team. Each hall required a distinct independent design to meet its specific needs, using loudspeakers and amplification combinations drawn from across the CODA range.

The system for the Main Hall is based on two suspended clusters consisting of 9 x TiRAY and 1 x TiLOW per side. This remarkably small-footprint, super-light system packs a very powerful punch, and it was configured to best meet the demands of the room, minimising the risk of reflections from the walls and ceiling, and providing even coverage and flexibility for the venue’s wide-ranging programme. The flown arrays are supported by 4 x G15-SUB placed under the stage, as well as 4 x D5-Cube for the area in front of the stage. D5-Cube are also used for reinforcement under the balconies, with the whole system powered by CODA’s LINUS10-C and LINUS5-C DSP amplification with LiNET Master Convertor.

A 5.1 system in the Cinema Hall comprises 3 x G712-Pro 3-way high power full range loudspeakers used with 3 x U4-SUB for the left, centre and right elements, with D8 2-way passive speakers used as the surround/ effect speakers. Again, LINUS10-C and LINUS5-C amplification was used in conjunction with LiNET Master. The system in the cinema is fully portable and can therefore be used for different applications outside the hall. Tommex deployed another fully portable system for the Chamber Hall in the form of a pair of CoRAY4 2-way columns supported by G15SUBs, delivering pristine, high fidelity audio for a variety of applications. The systems were tuned by Prokopowiz Production.

The Cultural Centre’s team is delighted with the quality and flexibility of the systems that have been installed, and have complete confidence in their ability to cater for any and every type of performance. Whilst Coronavirus restrictions have limited the extent to which the refurbished Centre has been able to operate since reopening, they are in no doubt that the choosing CODA Audio was the right way to go.

Tommex has distributed CODA Audio systems in Poland since 2016 and having firmly established the brand’s touring market credentials, continues to drive rising demand for CODA’s products in the country’s installation market, even in the face of the current very difficult circumstances.