System Optimiser v1.0.0

CODA Audio, has announced the release of the latest version of its proprietary System Optimiser prediction software.

  • System Optimiser v1.0.0

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Offering audio professionals unmatched speed and precision, System Optimiser v1.0.0 debuts with a remarkable 800% average increase in SPL calculation speed. This advancement allows users to maximise productivity and ultimately achieve even better system designs. The acoustic model and its resolution remains unchanged, simultaneously ensuring market-leading accuracy and calculation speed. The release enriches the software’s capabilities with accurate rigging calculations for vertical arrays, providing system designers with confidence in complex setups.

Additionally, the speaker portfolio included with System Optimiser has been extended to include the vast majority of CODA Audio loudspeakers, allowing users to explore a broader spectrum of design possibilities. Additions include the recently launched CiRAY and SPACE Modules M1, M2, and M4.

Robin Christ, CODA Audio Project Manager and Principal Engineer, System Optimiser, believes that the latest version allows audio professionals to achieve faster, smarter system design:

“We’re proud of our achievement with the release of System Optimiser v1.0.0. With faster calculations, most small to mid-sized venues can now be processed essentially instantly, saving time that can be spent more productively.

“We’ve come a long way with System Optimiser and learned a lot. The advances that we’ve made are impressive, but we have further developments to come – System Optimiser will undergo further transformation and gain a number of revolutionary technologies that we have worked on for a very long time, so stay tuned!”


You can find detailed release notes HERE