SPACE by CODA: Art & Music meets Technology

Jean-Michel Jarre partners with CODA Audio to launch SPACE by CODA at ISE 2023

  • SPACE by CODA: Art & Music meets Technology
  • SPACE by CODA: Art & Music meets Technology
  • SPACE by CODA: Art & Music meets Technology
  • SPACE by CODA: Art & Music meets Technology

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In what promises to be one of the most exciting launches of the year, iconic electronic musician and composer, Jean-Michel Jarre, and contemporary French artist Eric Decastro have teamed up with CODA Audio to unveil SPACE by CODA at ISE 2023.

More than the sum of its parts, and more than just a simple product, SPACE by CODA combines advanced AV technology with art to create a seamless audio-visual experience that is scalable and adaptable to any environment – and where the mechanics of what is a concert-grade audio experience are rendered completely invisible. Indeed, SPACE by CODA allows you to create your environment to be anything you like, or integrates seamlessly into existing environments – cultural spaces, high-end retail, education, high-end residential, hospitality, clubs… the list is endless.

“Conventional AV solutions are often a compromise between technical requirements and visual aesthetics,” explains CODA founder and MD, Svetly Alexandrov. “High quality AV solutions usually include projector and/or LED screens, multiple loudspeakers, mounting accessories, and a lot of cables as well as acoustic absorbers and diffusors. This is usually at odds with the vision of the architect and/or interior designer who don’t want loudspeakers, acoustic elements, cabling and other technology cluttering up their interior design. SPACE by CODA resolves all these problems.”

So, what exactly is SPACE?

SPACE by CODA integrates high-end, immersive 3D audio, a 4K projector screen, ambient lighting and advanced acoustical treatment with the art or projection of your choice into a united system solution to transform spaces with audio. The result is the SPACE Panel.

At just 70mm deep, SPACE Panels can offer sound quality and performance surpassing that of conventionally designed (cabinet) loudspeakers. This driver-equipped canvas can transform spaces to feature invisible audio, enabling high quality, full-range sound in previously limitative environments. The entire sonic spectrum is covered with power and quality; unique ‘instafit’ magnetic waveguides native to the SPACE audio modules facilitate production of directable sound with capability for immersive audio – all from within the panel.

Sound diffusors and acoustic treatments may be interleaved between loudspeaker modules for better control over sound reverberation in the room. Optional sensor-controlled sub-bass modules can be deployed to deliver even lower frequencies to concert sound proportions. Matching CODA LINUS DSP amplifiers complete the package. The addition of the SPACE Hub processor opens up the possibility for true 3D immersive audio.

The loudspeaker modules and diffusor/acoustic panels are arranged and connected like building blocks – and then completely hidden behind an acoustically transparent 4K projector screen – or a SPACE Art high-resolution digital canvas print.

SPACE Panels can be arranged in any ratio, size, or custom orientation to create a modern, borderless panel that will enhance any environment. They can even be mounted on the ceiling.

Full LED surround lighting options are available in warm white or RGB with DMX control.

Inside the frame

The driving force behind SPACE by CODA are the three ultra-flat immersive loudspeaker modules M1, M2 and M4 which allow each screen to be built in 600mm increments.

M1 – 600 x 600 x 70mm – up to 10m distance

M2 – 1200 x 600 x 70mm / Double size, Double SPL (+6dB) – up to 18m distance

M4 – 1200 x 1200 x 70mm / 4xSize, 4xSPL (+12dB) – up to 25m distance

All loudspeaker modules include 10” passive radiators for LF, 6.5” MF drivers and 1.75” HF drivers with ‘instafit’ interchangeable waveguides for optimum directivity control. Each module achieves a frequency response range from 45Hz to 21KHz, with a maximum SPL of 121dB (A weighted) for the M1 module and up to 137dB SPL (A weighted) for the M4. The MF/HF sections are rotatable; this enables both horizontal and vertical plane steering, optimising SPACE for the desired coverage area. As with all CODA loudspeaker systems, these loudspeaker modules are phase linear enabling pristine audio delivery, whether for simple stereo or highly complex 3D immersive systems.

Identically standardised Absorber Modules (AB1, AB2 and AB4) have been designed to interleave perfectly between loudspeaker modules in a SPACE Panel or function as standalone SPACE Art, ensuring balanced and non-saturating system configurations can be achieved in any venue, from home cinemas to conference halls and houses of worship.

Diffusor panels are also available within SPACE Panels for reducing the build-up of standing waves. The single format D1 size is most handy in applications where room echoes require sympathetic attenuation with minimal compromise on sound energy. Whilst the AB panels will deaden the sound of a room, D panels will provide a livelier yet still controlled sound.

“SPACE by CODA is transformative technology at every level,” says global marketing & sales director, David Webster. “It transforms the way we perceive audio, and it transforms and elevates spaces, both visually and aurally. It’s fully scalable and totally customisable. The only limit is your imagination.”

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