Loops-Live Gives CODA Audio CiRAY French Debut at Octopus Rap Event

Brittany-based Loops-Live expands its CODA Audio inventory by investing in the German manufacturer’s new compact and flexible CiRAY line array.

  • Loops-Live Gives CODA Audio CiRAY French Debut at Octopus Rap Event
  • Loops-Live Gives CODA Audio CiRAY French Debut at Octopus Rap Event

The Octopus Rap Event 2024 took place at the Salle Hermione, Saint Brieuc, Brittany, in February. Comprising three nights of compelling entertainment for fans of the genre, the Diogène Productions event’s headliners included French hip hop band IAM, and rappers Leto and Ziak. Plédran-based event specialist Loops was engaged to take care of the audio for the event, and gave a debut to its newly acquired CODA Audio CiRAY system.

The Loops Group provides a wide range of services to the Grand Ouest area of France, including professional audio, lighting and AV installation and hire, digital signage, and musical instrument sales. Having first invested in CODA Audio in 2021, Loops-Live, the Group’s event-technology specialists, became the first French company to invest in CODA’s flexible and compact CiRAY line array.

Mathieu Lefort, Director at Loops-Live, explains the decision to invest:

“Our first CODA system was based around N-APS and HOPS, which we bought to take care of our TV Studio LE LOFT. As well as staging broadcasts, we also use this space for premium afterwork parties and events. We were really impressed with the system, so when it was time to upgrade more of our ageing audio inventory, CODA Audio was the obvious choice.

“Whilst we handle maybe two or three music festivals a year, our main focus up to now has been corporate events – many of which have a music performance element. This prompted us to look at going further into the music sector and being able to comfortably deal with bigger venues. The timing of our interest coincided with the imminent release of CiRAY, and once we’d heard and seen the system and experienced its size/performance ratio, we didn’t hesitate. We have also added CoRAY, N-RAY, and CUE FOUR monitors to our inventory.”

A compact full-range, dual 10” line array system, CiRAY completes CODA’s VCA line array ‘family’, alongside ViRAY (dual 8”) and the flagship AiRAY (dual 12”). As well as building further on CODA’s revolutionary patented technologies to offer an ultra-light, ultra-compact standalone system, CiRAY can also work seamlessly with its ‘siblings’ for optimum mix and match configuration to obtain the best sonic and logistical outcomes for a host of live and installed applications. The VCA range shares CODA Audio’s unique technologies, including the patented Dual Diaphragm Planar Wave Driver (DDP), Coupler technology and FS-FIR Filters, with CiRAY also benefitting from the addition of CODA’s very latest Dynamic Airflow Cooling (DAC).

The Octopus Rap event played to a standing audience of just under 2400, where the main challenges were to manage the low frequencies and make sure that the balcony at the back of the venue was fully covered. Engineer Xavier Bassi worked upstream with CODA’s System Optimiser prediction software to ensure that CiRAY was deployed to maximum effect. As the main PA, CiRAY was rigged with SC2-F subs and supplemented with SCV-F and SCP-F subs in front of the stage. The system was seamlessly supplemented with N-RAY (for the balcony) and HOPS8 &12 for frontfill, infill and sidefill, and driven by CODA Audio LINUS14 DSP amplification.

Mathieu continues:

“We are proud that this was the first deployment of CiRAY at an event in France. The PA was perfect for the venue and delivered great performance. At first, some of the artists’ staff were doubtful about the size of the system, but once we’d sound-checked, all the engineers were more than happy with CiRAY!!!

“Rap music was a good style for the inaugural show as the productions were really fat, with mainly electronic beats. The first night was a more boom bap 90s style, so we didn’t need to operate the system at its full capacity – we still had plenty of headroom – and then the other two nights were ramped up with a mixture of more dancehall (with live bass, drums and keyboards) and trap music with gorgeous subs and kicks!”

The Loops-Live team is looking forward to a busy programme in the near future where CiRAY will be front and centre on a wide variety of indoor and outdoor music occasions, including business events, rock, folk and EDM festivals, two nights of opera, and even a Challenge Tour professional golf event featuring DJ/producers The Avener and Synapson.

Photo credit: Jacques Rolland