CODA for Hecht for Life

Schallwerk supplies CODA Audio for leading Swiss pop-rockers Hecht at triumphant arena show…

  • CODA for Hecht for Life
  • CODA for Hecht for Life

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Widely acknowledged as Switzerland’s best live band, Hecht recently appeared at Zurich’s Hallenstadion, one of the biggest multi-purpose arenas in Europe. The show was the largest on the band’s Hecht For Life Tour and saw 13,000 fans turn up to see their heroes deliver a stunning sold-out show. Hecht’s high energy pop-rock has been finely honed over a decade with an unchanged lineup, and it was clear to everyone present that this was a band at the top of its game. A breathtaking light, laser and video production contributed to a party atmosphere in the giant hall where production specialists Schallwerk supplied a CODA Audio system to provide the required clarity and power for every seat.

Schallwerk’s own Stefan Zumstein performed FOH duties for the show, having worked with the band on the three shows immediately leading up to this marquee appearance. A CODA Audio system was the natural choice as he explains:

“In halls of this size, which are not primarily designed for concerts, the prevailing acoustic conditions can be challenging. The high directivity of CODA Audio systems is indispensable in these circumstances for achieving a powerful mix – the phase linearity of the systems brings out all the nuances in crystal clear fashion even where acoustics are tough, and helps fight the reverb time of the hall. On this occasion we also needed to make sure every note could be heard above the incredibly loud Hecht fan community!”

At the Hallenstadion, Switzerland’s largest venue, Schallwerk deployed CODA Audio’s flagship line array system AiRAY for the main PA. The main hangs (per side) comprised 12 x AiRAY and 4 x SC2-F Bass Extensions with 3 x ViRAY as downfill. 20 x SCP Subwoofers were deployed on the floor, with the system completed by a side hang of 12 x ViRAY and 12 x N-RAY as delays.

Described as “awesome” “unforgettable” and “unique” by fans who spoke to local station Radio Argovia, the show firmly established the quintet from Lucerne as being very firmly in the front rank of Swiss pop-rock. CODA Audio Director of Global Sales and Marketing, David Webster comments:

“We’re pleased to have played a part in this prestigious occasion for the band. Arenas like the Hallenstadion can present difficult acoustic environments for concerts, but it’s clear that on this occasion a CODA system in the experienced hands of the Schallwerk team more than met the challenge.