CODA Audio Puts Down First Marker in Czech Republic

CODA Audio's Czech distributor Pro-Sound recently supplied a range of CODA Audio loudspeakers for a new club development. This was the first installation of CODA Audio speakers in the Czech Republic and its success is sure to pave the way for many more.

  • CODA Audio Puts Down First Marker in Czech Republic
  • CODA Audio Puts Down First Marker in Czech Republic

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Music Bar Forea is located in the beautiful Czech Republic town of Lanskroun. This former steam-boiler plant has been remodelled into a nightclub with a strong emphasis on delivering high quality music production. Having visited the site and measured its acoustic properties, lead engineer Dusan Jargas concluded that CODA Audio loudspeakers were the perfect fit for the given space.

The main dance floor system comprises two pairs of ceiling-suspended CODA Audio G512s. For extended low-frequency response, a pair of suspended G15-SUBs were chosen, combining a small footprint with very powerful output. Two HOPS8i speakers serve as a side fill system supplemented with a PW12 subwoofer and two G308 speakers were installed as stage monitors. The main PA is managed by Lake Contour DSP, which allows for precise setting and tuning, achieving the highest possible level of control.

A delighted Dusan Jargas reflected on the success of the installation:

“The whole CODA system is working really well and the HOPS8i sound incredibly clear and powerful given their size. They really are unparalleled in the market.”

Music Bar Forea opened on February 12th offering customers a great diversity of experience in its custom-designed space. The audio quality was instantly remarked upon by many patrons as easily the best in the region.