CODA Audio N-RAY Chosen for Urania Hall

SLX installs Tommex-designed CODA Audio system for recently rebuilt iconic Olsztyn venue …

  • CODA Audio N-RAY Chosen for Urania Hall
  • CODA Audio N-RAY Chosen for Urania Hall

The Urania Hall has been an architectural gem in the Polish city of Olsztyn since 1978. In a significant step towards improving the city’s cultural and sporting landscape, the Hall recently underwent a comprehensive rebuild and refurbishment. Now, with a rebuilt Main Arena, new dome, modern architecture, and additional spaces such as a Small Arena, indoor ice rink, and underground parking, it serves as a key venue for a wide variety of events.

Essential to the modernisation and rejuvenation of the venue was to ensure that its technical provision was of the highest order. Specialist integrator SLX Sp. z o.o. was engaged to install the audio elements of the project and chose CODA Audio systems for the Main and Small Arenas. The system was designed and supplied by leading pro audio specialist and CODA Audio distributor, Tommex.

Volleyball, basketball, and tennis are just some of the spectator sports played in the Main Arena, which can hold more than 4000 spectators in advanced mobile stands. With a multifunctional floor area of 2380 sqm and a height of 29 metres, the Arena can also accommodate events such as motocross acrobatic shows. The Small Arena, with a seating capacity of 1,000, is primarily intended for handball, volleyball, or basketball training. This space can also be rearranged into two or three sectors with full-size courts, thus adapting to current needs from training sessions to corporate meetings, banquets, or celebrations.

The  facility presented a number of challenges. In the Main Arena, the combination of a small space between the hall’s acoustic ceiling and the minimum mounting heights of technical elements on the playing area meant that the system had to be lightweight and compact, whilst still powerful enough to ensure the necessary SPL and even distribution.

A total of 60 x CODA N-RAY line array units supported by 12 x SCV-F subwoofers were chosen for the Main Arena,  combining exceptional power and clarity with deep and powerful bass. Using EASE simulation software and CODA’s proprietary System Optimiser prediction software, the Tommex team was able to design a system which delivers perfectly balanced audio to every seat in the venue. Sound reinforcement for the playing area was achieved with the use of  6 x CODA’s versatile G712-Pro 3-way full range loudspeakers, ensuring a uniformity of sonic signature across the entire space. A further 6 x G712-Pro took care of reinforcement in the 100 capacity Small Arena, with the systems in both Arenas powered by CODA Audio LINUS14D DSP amplification.

Marcin Zimny, Commercial Director at Tommex comments:

“Our friends at SLX confidently overcame some tricky structural elements to deliver a very successful installation. The Urania Hall now boasts the modern, cutting-edge CODA Audio sound system that a venue of its significance deserves.”



All images courtesy of Tommex