A Decade of Strength – Ten years of CODA Audio and AMBION GmbH

This month sees the celebration of an important anniversary at CODA Audio’s Hannover headquarters. It is ten years since German event technology specialist AMBION GmbH took delivery of its first CODA loudspeakers, amplifiers, controllers and accessories. From its initial investment of 24 x LA8 and 30 x LA12-Airline loudspeakers, the Kassel-based service provider has steadily expanded its CODA Audio portfolio, during what has been a fruitful and cooperative partnership.

  • A Decade of Strength – Ten years of CODA Audio and AMBION GmbH
  • A Decade of Strength – Ten years of CODA Audio and AMBION GmbH

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Since the beginning of 2011, AMBION has been adding CODA Audio equipment to its arsenal of loudspeakers at regular intervals. In the summer of 2011, a further 24 x LA8s were added, followed in 2012, by a ViRAY line array system and more LA12s. The following two years saw further investment, this time in the shape of a number of subs including G15s among others. In 2017 an AiRAY system replaced AMBION’s LA12 inventory, and, during the development of the CUE ONE stage monitor, a team of AMBION’s Audio experts actively assisted at the birth… As Michael Wengerter, Head of Audio at AMBION GmbH, comments:

“We were so taken with CODA Audio’s MF/HF drivers that we wanted matching wedges, and CODA Audio did an excellent job of making that happen! We regularly give input on products during the development and testing phases because CODA is interested in our opinion – after all, listening is a pre-requisite for a functioning partnership.”

Each passing year has seen AMBION’s tech fleet hold more speakers and power amps bearing the distinctive CODA Audio logo, and whilst there is no expectation of technical monogamy on the part of the company, the relationship continues to deepen. CODA’s technical performance, innovation, and excellent service has contributed to the strength of the partnership, something that has seen AMBION continue to play a key role in the testing of new CODA Audio products. Most recently, AMBION listened carefully to CODA Audio’s latest spectacular product launch – the ultra-compact, ultra-powerful N-RAY line array system.

“We did a beta test with the system in the Kulturzelt Kassel – thirty completely different acts under laboratory conditions – in what was a very successful exercise. I can still remember the euphoric feedback after what was a hugely demanding, but very satisfying experience.”

Ton Groen MD of CODA Audio Deutschland (CODA’s German Distributor) adds:

“We have an excellent long-standing relationship with our friends at AMBION that has proved mutually beneficial to both parties over a long period of time. Their experience and expertise in the sector is immense, and so we place a high value on their technical input. We look forward to the next ten years