5 Words Media Places Trust in CODA Audio

5 Words Media (5WM) is a leading systems integrator based in Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in 2011, principally as a design/build company for houses of worship, its skilled team also designs and installs audio, lighting and AVL systems nationally across the entertainment, education and corporate sectors. A wide-ranging and impressive portfolio of award-winning projects speaks volumes about the 5WM approach to delivering high quality, bespoke solutions.

  • 5 Words Media
  • 5 Words Media Places Trust in CODA Audio
  • 5 Words Media Places Trust in CODA Audio
  • 5 Words Media Places Trust in CODA Audio

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For the last four years, 5WM has placed German loudspeaker manufacturer CODA Audio at the centre of its program of custom design-and-build house of worship projects, and has forged a strong relationship with CODA Audio USA’s team led by Luke Jenks. This followed a visit by 5WM CEO Daniel Gourley to Infocomm in 2018, where his specific mission to find the best available sound reinforcement on the market took him to the CODA listening room:

“Put simply, what I heard in CODA Audio’s demo room was exceptional” comments Gourley. “In spite of their small size, the cabinets delivered incredible power and clarity. During our conversation with Luke and his team, it was immediately clear that they were as committed and passionate about delivering perfect sound as we were.”

Looking deeper into CODA’s unique patented technologies convinced the 5WM boss that he had found exactly what he was looking for:

“The small size of the cabinets means a consequential reduction in weight – perfect for the Church market where buildings are not always designed to hang large, heavy speaker systems. It seemed to us that such high output, high quality and lightweight systems were clearly destined for success, and so it’s proved.”

Since aligning with CODA Audio, 5WM has designed and integrated several CODA systems in churches across the US. From its home state of Arizona, through Virginia, Georgia, Florida, New Jersey and beyond, 5WM has drawn from CODA’s product range to tailor high impact, high fidelity systems that enhance the worship experience through clear and powerful music reinforcement and crystal clear speech intelligibility.

Having worked with all the leading audio brands Gourley feels that CODA Audio’s products give his company a clear advantage:

“The low latency and phase linearity that comes from the ultra-low distortion drivers and amplification, make CODA systems immediately usable for the toughest challenges, straight out of the box. The array-capable point sources, as well as the line array options, are all great three-way systems. CODA’s patented coupler technology allows us to design systems counting on very accurate coverage, particularly in the vocal range. In our view that sets them apart from the competition. Factor in CODA’s sensor-controlled subs, which generate amazing low frequency power for such small enclosures, and you have an incredible toolbox at your disposal.”

Ultimately, the most important measure of an audio installation’s success is the verdict of the customer, and as far as Daniel Gourley is concerned, the case for CODA is well and truly proven:

“I’ve never had such effusive responses in my life. Our customers are blown away when they hear the difference that CODA Audio makes in their everyday use. One of my favourite customer reactions was captured on video at Hope Church in Danville VA – the excitement and disbelief at what they were hearing from a compact N-APS and HOPS system was an absolute joy to witness!”

With a full timetable of installations in the pipeline, 5WM regularly consults with the CODA Audio USA team for early design support, and as a very busy operator, relies on shipment and delivery schedules to be accurate and dependable. With another sizeable shipment recently arrived at 5WM HQ in Phoenix, CODA, says Gourley, is always open for business:

“CODA Audio USA’s support is second to none. All our delivery dates have been met, and we feel that we’re always in good hands with Luke and his amazingly talented team. They’re not just our partners in audio – they’re our friends too!”

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