Tongbo Opens CODA Audio Facility In Beijing

After a year of preparation, the CODA Audio Beijing Operations Centre is now open...

  • Tongbo Opens CODA Audio Facility In Beijing
  • Tongbo Opens CODA Audio Facility In Beijing

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More than a hundred industry partners and members of the media recently attended the opening of the CODA Audio Beijing Operations Centre. The Centre which took a year to prepare was created by CODA’s Chinese distributor Tongbo, and is located in the Beijing Zuiku International Cultural and Creative Park.

Beijing is the cultural centre of China, possessing a rich variety of concert halls, opera houses, sports venues, film and television production facilities, research institutes and universities, and it was important to Tongbo’s strategy to create a high-level development space in the Capital to present CODA Audio as a leading global audio brand. As China emerges from the Coronavirus pandemic, there is a strong sense of opportunity, something for which Tongbo wished to be fully prepared.

Mr Zhou Wenbao, President of Tongbo Electronic Engineering Co. Ltd commented:

“The establishment of the new Centre is part of our long-term strategy for the Chinese market. We believe it will further enhance CODA Audio’s reach and enable us to offer in-depth professional service and support for the whole country.”

The Operations Centre comprises three principal spaces. A ground floor exhibition hall covering an area of 200 sqm displays the full range of CODA Audio’s products from every angle, whilst on the first floor, another 100+ sqm hall allows for daily demonstrations of specific products with which customers can interact. A China-themed VIP Lounge of around 40 sqm, designed for receptions and further product showcasing, completes the picture.

Paul Ward, Director of Global Sales for CODA Audio adds:

“The CODA Audio Operations Centre in Beijing is a real statement of intent from Tongbo, and we are delighted with their tremendous commitment to the CODA brand. The company has already achieved great things as our distributor in China – this superb development is certain to further cement our frontline presence in this valuable and ever-growing market.”