Grist to the Mill – CODA Audio APS for Muehle Hunziken

The Muehle Hunziken (Hunziken Mill) in Rubigen, south-east of Bern in Switzerland, is a popular concert venue that has been in existence since 1976. Since the former windmill’s conversion, it has hosted more than 4,000 concerts, featuring around 15,000 artists of all styles and genres. The Mill houses an elaborate collection of quirky works of […]

Nothing Missed in Front of House

Internationally renowned NENA is a notable exception to rule that says German artists singing in their mother-tongue cannot succeed outside German-speaking areas. The principal reason for this success is largely attributable to the fact that NENA is an exceptional act whose record sales – around 25 million units – do not lie. Catchy tunes, which […]