Safe and Sound

CODA Audio takes measures to protect production...

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Challenging times demand extraordinary action. Whilst safety remains the primary concern of every family in the world, efforts to carry on living as normally as possible, whilst respecting the restrictions placed on daily life, are also important. The CODA family is no different in this respect. Whilst every business is facing turbulent and tough times, CODA Audio is still hard at work, manufacturing our cutting edge products and ensuring that we can maintain supply, without taking a backwards step.

Our manufacturing facility in Bulgaria is functioning efficiently and our employees are following strict protocols, introduced from the outset of the COVID19 pandemic. Protective masks, distancing and strict hygiene measures are in place, all of which enable our staff to carry out their work with confidence in their personal safety and in compliance with the instructions of the authorities. The CODA Audio manufacturing team is proud to be maintaining output – all our sales, marketing and administration team members are working from home and strictly observing prescribed social distancing measures.

CODA Audio’s inherent strength has always been to have complete control over the manufacturing of our patented technologies. Under normal circumstances, the fact that every CODA Audio product is manufactured from raw materials at our facility, enables us to be agile and responsive to the needs of our clients. Since we do not buy external components, we are not subject to stresses in the supply chain that might unexpectedly disrupt production. In the current pandemic crisis, this principle, to use an audio term, is amplified. Our stockholding of the materials required to manufacture CODA products is always maintained at a high level as a matter of course – the exponential growth in demand for CODA systems has made that an essential part of our business.

Consequently, with a strict health and safety policy in place, and the cooperation of our exceptional workforce, we are, in the midst of unprecedented times, continuing to produce what we feel are the finest audio systems in the world. No-one could ever claim that this is business as usual, but under the circumstances, it is our intention to keep safe whilst keeping sound systems in production and looking after the needs of our customers.

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