Instilling the Message, Installing Success

Tommex shows the way in Poland as CODA Audio reflects on the value of proactive distribution partners during turbulent times...

  • Teatr Nowy Zabrze
  • Instilling the Message, Installing Success
  • Instilling the Message, Installing Success

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CODA Audio’s Director of Global Sales, Paul Ward is in no doubt that the two central pillars of the German manufacturer’s resilience during the pandemic have been the self-sufficiency of its manufacturing operation and the diligence and tenacity of its distributors:

“There’s no doubt that our in-house manufacturing of every component of CODA systems has enabled us to focus on how we would emerge from the pandemic rather than how we would cope with being in it. Not being reliant on third party suppliers has enabled us to maintain full production, albeit under the constraints of strict health protocols. We’ve only seen a couple of orders cancelled, which leads me neatly around to the dedication and brilliant work of our distributors across the globe. The Coronavirus crisis, if nothing else, has highlighted that our careful selection of distributors who really buy in to CODA’s mindset and next generation technologies, has been incredibly valuable.”

No-one has faced the recent turbulent business climate without serious challenges, but Ward is adamant that the role played by distributors in engaging with and supporting their customers has engendered a high level of confidence that has translated into strong sales:

“As well as offering education and training about the sonic advantages of our patented technologies, our partners are pro-active in demonstrating the very real economic advantages that an investment in CODA can bring. It might almost be seen as evangelising – but the proof is in the sales and customer satisfaction.”

He offers the example of Tommex, CODA’s Polish distributor. Appointed in 2016, this busy and established company who specialised in the design, configuration and distribution of professional sound systems, had already accrued twenty-five years experience of the market, but was not content to simply stay with what it knew. When its team looked closely at what CODA had to offer, they recognised that there was a win-win relationship on the table. The trajectory of CODA sales in the region took an upward turn almost immediately as Tommex, this year celebrating its thirtieth anniversary, worked tirelessly to deliver the ‘next generation’ message. When the pandemic struck in 2020, and the full impact on live performance and touring was felt, the groundwork that had been carried out across four years came into play in the install sector. Many institutions, anticipating an extended period of downtime, moved to invest in new systems that would improve their venues and help them to bounce back strongly in a post-pandemic world. With strong supply lines and a market made fully aware of the benefits of CODA, Tommex and its customers were ready. Some examples of work carried out during the last twelve months illustrate the wide-ranging nature of CODA’s appeal…

The renovation and upgrading of community culture centres at Radlów – The Culture and Reading Centre (CoRAY4i, HOPS5, G18-SUB, CUE FOUR), Brzeg- Brest Culture Centre (TiRAY, TiLOW, G15-SUB, D5-Cube) and Tarnogród – Tarnogrodzki Cultural Centre (N-APS, N-SUB) all met with different challenges, drawing on a wide range of CODA Audio combinations. CoRAY4 and G-18SUB provided a high quality and discreet solution in the beautiful interior of the refurbished New Theatre in Zabrze, whilst in one of the most modern sports and entertainment arenas in Poland, at Pulawy, G712-Pro provided the high output and coverage necessary for the 2700sqm area of pitch and stands. At the Aprés Ski Restaurant at Ski Resort Lódź, a stage sound system comprising HOPS8 and U12iSUB provides the power and clarity required for this versatile space.

Ward concludes:

“Tommex’s commitment and buy-in to CODA reflects a worldwide trend amongst our distribution partners, where in spite of the sustained suspension of practically every live event, we’ve held our ground in terms of sales. That’s a source of huge encouragement for the entire CODA family as we take the first tentative steps towards a return to normal service. Now it’s bring on the gigs, bring back the tours!”