CODA System Optimiser Beta v0.5

CODA Audio is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the latest public beta version of its proprietary prediction software - System Optimiser.

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This is a major update from the current version, providing integration with other software; Trimble SketchUp & Flux: IRCAM Spat Revolution Immersive Engine. Several other notable additions include:

  • XYZ support for free-planes.
  • Redesigned floorplan editor.
  • Multiple new features in microphones.
  • Added screenshot export feature.
  • Many more bugfixes and improvements (reference the published changelog for details).

System Optimiser

Enables the user to accurately simulate several CODA Audio Loudspeakers in any 3D Scene with unmatched precision and speed. Design is possible for all sizes of audio system, from the smallest gathering up to the largest of stadium production, with incredible ease. In creating proposals for clients, SPL Pressure mapping is presented in incredible detail, with a strong sense of reality. In busy environments, workflow is tantamount to accuracy, and with this in mind, bespoke tools are provided to fully enable the system designer.


Computationally intensive operations have been highly optimised to deliver results in seconds, not minutes – CODA Audio calls this ‘mathemagic’… Predictions are wholly based on real-world electro-acoustic measurements, heavily utilising multifaceted multipole expansions. A highly complex atmospheric model is employed which takes into account temperature, dewpoint, humidity and altitude. Complex response functions are morphed using cutting-edge continuous phase techniques, the end result being authentic free-field predictions indistinguishable from reality.


Clever tools are included to create complex designs effortlessly. The layout tool can be used to place loudspeakers in a multitude of shapes and arrangements. The template engine is an incredibly powerful way of managing entities within the layout system. Measurement microphones can be placed anywhere within the 3D scene. Probes are a smart extension of the measurement microphones that make choosing line array angles stress-free. Link Groups define how line arrays are connected, and allow electronic filters to be applied to correct for distance and splay angle.


Für registrierte Benutzer ist der System Optimiser (Beta) als native macOS, Windows und Linux Anwendung verfügbar.