CODA Audio Deutschland resumes its popular networking events with successful CODA Meets CODA ‘family gathering’ at Hannover HQ…

  • CODA Meets CODA
  • CODA Meets CODA

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After an enforced absence of two years as a result of the Covid pandemic, CODA Audio Deutschland- German subsidiary of international manufacturer CODA Audio – was recently able to stage its ‘CODA meets CODA’ networking event at its Hannover HQ. Customers, sales partners and friends enjoyed an informative and sociable day, hosted by CODA Audio Deutschland Managing Director Ton Groen and his team. Ton reflects:

“The atmosphere was great! You could feel that family spirit again – it’s something I haven’t experienced in this way with any other company.”

As is customary at CODA Audio Deutschland, a packed agenda was dispensed with in favour of a relaxed atmosphere. After an extended warm-up phase which began mid-afternoon with refreshments and introductory talks, Ton invited everyone to the demo room where he conducted proceedings in his usual engaging style.

Thomas Müller (Head of Sales), Dirk Maron (Head of Tech and Application Support), Michael Schwarzer (Project and Application Manager, CODA Audio International), and Robin Christ (Project Manager and Principal Support Engineer, System Optimiser, CODA Audio International), presented innovations and explained CODA’s latest developments. A highlight of the presentations was SPACE by CODA, a modular loudspeaker system which uniquely combines pro-audio, ambient lighting, projection screen and art.

Christian Heckmair, Managing Director of Harmonic Sound, one of South Bavaria’s leading events services specialists, who joined the CODA Audio ‘family’ in 2020, was pleased to meet a wide variety of other German CODA users at the event:

“At CODA Audio it’s not just the products and services that are great, it’s also the human interaction – the value of which should never be underestimated.”

Georg Lentz and Björn Amend represented Dinslaken-based provider StageUnited GmbH at the event. The company has also recently invested extensively in CODA Audio products including ViRAY, SCV subs, HOPS Series, Cue Four stage monitors, G Series and LINUS amplification. Georg comments:

“We previously had active systems and wanted to switch to passive loudspeakers. In our search for the right solution, we looked in detail at numerous options, and CODA Audio convinced us most in terms of performance as well as workmanship and handling.”

Björn adds:

“The icing on the cake was the presentation support. All questions were answered immediately and we were able to consult with other users. So instead of a meaningless brochure, we received real empirical data, which was really helpful.”

The CODA Audio Deutschland team was delighted with the day’s attendance and response to the event, welcoming the chance to once again engage personally with CODA’s German ‘family’.