Professionelle Bühnenmonitore

Solutions for Stage Monitoring

Die Bühnenmonitore der CODA Audio CUE-Serie sind 3-Wege-Hochleistungsmonitore im optisch dezenten Gehäusedesign. Sie liefern einen extrem hohen Schalldruckpegel und sind aufgrund ihres außergewöhnlich gleichmäßigen Frequenzgangs, extrem rückkopplungsresistent und durchsetzungsfähig. Die CUE-Serie umfasst drei Modelle im Triaxial-Design, um eine echte Einpunkt-Quelle zu bieten. Sie bieten vom kleinen Club bis zur großen Festival-Bühne ein beeindruckend durchsetzungsfähiges und dennoch neutrales Klangbild.

Zugehörige Produkte


We first encountered CODA Audio at Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt a few years ago, and were impressed by the product range and very competitive prices.

Baldur Rafn Gissurarso - Project Manager, SONIK


"From a technical point of view, we were definitely able to create the space we had aimed for - using the Space Hub control software and the plugin was straightforward and the network setup easily done - pretty much plug and play."

Matthias Dietrich, System Engineer and Sales Representative at Schallwerk.


“The rigging is unparalleled, and the performance of the speakers is sensational in relation to their weight. TiRAY, for example, is equipped with two small 5-inch cone drivers, yet it is full-range capable and equally suited to reproducing music and speech.”

Christian Keil, CEO of NPB Veranstaltungstechnik


“CODA Audio systems have the clarity and open sound quality that is perfect for the music in a jazz festival. There are lots of details in the music and CODA delivers the phase-correct sound that we want to hear."

Petter Norby of Rubicon


“The job would have been extremely difficult without CODA’s technology. It took me some time and a very careful approach to make my decisions, but with CODA’s System Optimiser, I was confident that my predictions would be accurate. As well as the main system, we used some delays to increase coverage without getting louder.”

Mathias Sawicz, Hellroad Audio Engineering