Professionelle Bühnenmonitore

Solutions for Stage Monitoring

Die Bühnenmonitore der CODA Audio CUE-Serie sind 3-Wege-Hochleistungsmonitore im optisch dezenten Gehäusedesign. Sie liefern einen extrem hohen Schalldruckpegel und sind aufgrund ihres außergewöhnlich gleichmäßigen Frequenzgangs, extrem rückkopplungsresistent und durchsetzungsfähig. Die CUE-Serie umfasst drei Modelle im Triaxial-Design, um eine echte Einpunkt-Quelle zu bieten. Sie bieten vom kleinen Club bis zur großen Festival-Bühne ein beeindruckend durchsetzungsfähiges und dennoch neutrales Klangbild.

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“CODA Audio systems have the clarity and open sound quality that is perfect for the music in a jazz festival. There are lots of details in the music and CODA delivers the phase-correct sound that we want to hear."

Petter Norby of Rubicon


“We have noticed several advantages having the CODA system installed - ease of use, reliability, and high gain-before-feedback have made load-ins and sound-checks much more efficient, freeing up staff to really finesse everything, rather than setups going to the wire just before doors opening. The improved sound quality has resulted in patrons staying longer, purchasing more drinks - creating more revenue for the club - and overall having  a more positive experience.”

Sophia Craven, Production Manager, Oasis Club.


“The TiRAY impresses with excellent performance in relation to its size. It generates such large sound profile for such a small, light system - it really is the optimal product for such applications".

Steffan Grimm, Co-Managing Director at GR Eventtechnik


“The sound left a deep and lasting impression on me. It allowed every musician and listener to enjoy the fresh air of nature whilst listening to the beautiful and brilliant sounds of the concert hall!”

Tan Lihua - Conductor The Symphony Orchestra of the Chinese Central Ballet Troupe