CODA Audio Puts Down First Marker in Czech Republic

Music Bar Forea is located in the beautiful Czech Republic town of Lanskroun. This former steam-boiler plant has been remodelled into a nightclub with a strong emphasis on delivering high quality music production. Having visited the site and measured its acoustic properties, lead engineer Dusan Jargas concluded that CODA Audio loudspeakers were the perfect fit […]

Decima Drives RoadLive with CODA Audio AiRAY

There were two stages at the event, both showcasing CODA Audio systems and featuring up and coming artists as well as more established headliners. As well as supporting the development of talent through its sponsorship, the event gave Decima a great opportunity to demonstrate the wider virtues of CODA systems to an invited group of […]

CODA Audio Scores Winner in France as 300,000 Attend Toulouse

At the Festival Arte Flamenco in Mont Marsan, one of Europe’s largest of its kind, 5 different venues of assorted sizes were equipped with ViRAY, TiRAY and HOPS systems. Production specialists Concept Group have been responsible for the audio at the festival for the last four years and had no hesitation in using CODA Audio […]

CODA AiRAY Flies Even Higher

The panoramic views from the summit, which accommodates a hotel and restaurant, are spectacular and the summer toboggan run offers an alternative, swift and exhilarating descent. At first glance then, Pilatus isn’t exactly the kind of location synonymous with a rock concert but on Saturday 28th August this year, that’s exactly what took place. What […]

CODA Audio Pushes Pedal to the Metal as Denmark’s Finest Rock Copenhagen Royal Arena

Ten days later, the first Danish acts to play at the venue DizzyMizzLizzy and D-A-D performed to 16,000 fans at a sellout show that received rave reviews not only for the quality of the musicianship on show but also the audio. DPA Soundco of Copenhagen, a customer of CODA Audio’s Danish distributor KDMC, installed a […]

CODA Audio Recruits David ‘Webby’ Webster

Webster is a charismatic and renowned industry figure who further deepens the pool of expertise and experience in CODA’s already formidable team, having operated at the cutting edge of audio throughout his working life. In recent months CODA Audio has added a number of noteworthy figures to its global ranks and ‘Webby’ is certainly no […]

Ambion GmbH takes CODA Audio on the road with Symphoniacs

The varying nature of the venues demanded a highly flexible, lightweight sound system that was both powerful and of the highest audio quality. Ambion GmbH chose a CODA Audio ViRAY system used in combination with a TiRAY fill-system. For optimum flexibility the system was completed with CODA SC2-F, 2 x 15″ flown sensor controlled bass […]

DECIMA Distribution Destined to Make Italian Impression for CODA Audio

The trusted Decima name is synonymous with excellence and expertise in the provision of technological solutions for venues and auditoria throughout Italy and its reputation and experience makes it an ideal partner for taking the CODA Audio message to the heart of the Italian market. The relationship came about as a result of one of […]

AiRAY – Revolution for The Revolution

The flexible design mechanics of this large arena allow for horizontal and vertical adjustments of the internal structures that can respond to virtually any desired stage and venue configuration. Hibino Sound was engaged to supply audio for the shows and its Chief System Designer Hiroshi Inoue decided on a CODA Audio AiRAY system to take […]

Centralstation Darmstadt Welcomes New CODA Audio Engine

In response to the increasing demands of the productions staged at the centre, its technical director Stefan Korner and his team had recently turned their attention to procuring a new sound system for the large ground floor hall. The team wanted to ensure that the new system was consistent with the expectations of contemporary audiences […]

CODA AiRAY is Perfect Meds for Placebo

If a goth-rock, brit-pop, post-punk, electronic, experimental, industrial, progressive, grunge rock band is your thing and you trust the judgement of David Bowie (and who wouldn’t?) then it’s a safe bet Placebo will be right up your street. This year, that’s where Placebo have been (or pretty nearby) having embarked on a world tour to […]

Ton Groen to Head Up New CODA Audio Deutschland

A very talented musician with strong technical skills, Ton has seen every aspect of performance and production from the both stage and behind the mixing desk – invaluable experience which has proved to be hugely beneficial in the development of a highly respected career in audio sales and marketing. When the business landscape of CODA’s […]

Coda Offers Options amongst Opulence

To call Park Chinois simply ‘a restaurant’ would be to rather understate Yau’s vision of a renaissance in old school values. Across two floors covering 15,000 sq ft, this opulent celebration of food, design, architecture and music is more the expression of a lifestyle than a mere eatery. In creating a substantial venue, where on […]

CODA AiRAY Power Reigns Supreme on Singapore Parade

On such an auspicious occasion, there was no room for sub-standard delivery. Highly experienced independent audio consultant Shah Tahir had overseen the design of the sound system for each of the previous eight Parades but this was the first at the relatively new Sports Hub. Overseen by the military, under whose auspices the event takes […]

Coda’s Latest Range Reduces Weight and Easily Meets Expectation on Ella Henderson Tour

Happy with the performance of its Coda range, Adlib were naturally keen to explore any advantages offered by the AiRAY system and identified a number of positives that prompted an immediate investment. From their comprehensive experience of the industry, Adlib identified what they saw as a gap in provision for theatre productions where smaller available […]

CODA Audio AiRAY Makes African Debut

The South African market differs in many respects from that found in the UK, Europe and the US, in that there is no real established scheduled touring circuit. As a consequence the challenges presented to Virtual Productions are highly diverse and demand a high degree of flexibility and adaptability. Victor Van Graan, Production Manager Virtual […]

Luke Jenks Appointed to Run CODA Audio USA

His passion for cutting edge system design has led to him being a key player in support of many major events over the years. When the time came for a new challenge, Jenks was excited by CODA Audio’s technology and appetite for the future and having met with the company, discovered a shared vision. With […]

CODA Audio Appoints Tommex as Distributor for Poland

Today, Tommex distributes many top international brands throughout Poland, as well as offering advanced technical support to system designers and installers in the form of training, assistance with system commissioning, tuning and calibration. The launch of CODA Audio’s game-changing AiRAY system has had a major impact and international demand for all CODA Audio ranges is […]

Swiss Watch CODA AiRAY Take Centre Stage

The following month AiRAY took its place on the Waldbuhne stage at the larger Gurten Festival, situated on a picturesque hillside outside Berne. Used in combination with CODA ViRAY boxes (for downfill and delays) AiRAY attracted positive feedback from every quarter. Bruno Muff of Schallwerk reflected on AiRAY’s advantages: “First of all AiRAY has unbelievably […]

CODA France Makes Immediate Impact

RégieTeK now possesses a full complement of CODA’s line-array products and its purchase of AiRAY underlines the esteem in which this fast-growing German brand is held. It was in fact, RégieTeK who had distributed CODA products in France until it was agreed that the brand required a stronger and more streamlined commercial structure through which […]

CODA Crosses Over to Rubicon

As well as acting as a distributor, Rubicon are also a renowned rental company in the region and have themselves purchased CODA systems to cover their extensive and thriving, club, theatre, festival and corporate provision. Norway’s festival season stages very many large scale events and Rubicon is taking CODA’s new AiRAY system out on a […]

Hibino Makes Significant Investment in CODA AiRAY

AiRAY’s remarkable power and quality allied to its lightweight, compact profile offers touring companies clear auditory and economic advantages. Since its launch in July 2015, sales have been strong and orders are being placed in increasingly high volumes. AiRAY’s impact is nowhere better illustrated than at this year’s Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt where Japanese […]

Flying High, Travelling Light – CODA AiRAY On Tour with Peter Pan

No other manufacturer has achieved the sonic results offered by AiRAY from a lightweight package (40kg) that has the same footprint as a 2 x 8″ system. The fact that AiRAY is able to deliver this level of performance from significantly smaller-than-standard cabinets has clear implications for the market. When the logistical elements of the […]